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Autumn fashion tips for a date

Autumn fashion tips for a date

Dating during autumn & winter can be an absolute nightmare. It's bad enough trying not to be nervous going on a first date without trying to find something to wear that makes you look hot when it’s freezing outside. So how do you navigate wanting to look your best when the weather is not on your side? First up when trying to decide what to wear is to find out where your date is taking you. Once that is decided then finding something that keeps you warm but stylish should be a breeze.

This season one of the biggest trends for women is the 70's – floppy hats, rich fabrics, autumnal colors and fabulous faux furs. This look is easily wearable and adaptable for a simple afternoon coffee date or a drink after work without looking like a fashion victim. Pairing some skinny jeans with a ochre or wine colored top,  knee high boots and a fur gillet looks effortless & will keep the chill at bay

Going somewhere a little more adventurous on your date like a walk or mini golf team? Leggings & dare I say jeggings are no longer fashion faux pas . They can look great if paired with riding boots/Hunters and a nice thick cable jumper. Your jumper will look so snuggly he’ll be dying to snuggle up to you and keep warm.

What about the heels I hear you say?! Don’t worry they’re coming! My favourite date of them all is always the dinner date. You can find out a lot about your date from the restaurant he chooses and hey, one the previous outfits could also work. But for a uber glam dinner at a trendy restaurant it’s time to bring out the heels no matter what the weather is doing!

If the weather is really cold out and you don’t fancy putting on a dress then how about a jumpsuit? If you get one with full sleeves you’ll be covered right down to your ankles and my sneaky tip is to always carry some flats in your bag just in case the weather is bad. Perfect for walking from the car park to restaurant. Simply slip on your heels a minute away from the venue and sashay into the restaurant like a queen.

These are my top tips for looking good when dating during the winter months.

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