We reveal the traits that men and women loathe about each other….
Women hate:

Lack of drive
If you lack vision and aspiration about where your life’s headed, what makes you think we’d want to join you?

Pizza or curry? Theatre or the flicks? We don’t care, just stop shilly-shallying around and make a decision already.

Macho pride
Sorry, but would it kill you to just stop the car and ask for some directions?

Being pathetic when you’re sick
Man-up. You haven’t got diphtheria, you’ve got the sniffles so quit behaving like a big baby.

Leaving the toilet seat up
Eeeew! Didn’t your parents teach you basic good manners and basic hygiene?

An endless appetite for sport
Okay, we get that you like the footy, but staying up all night to watch the baseball/grand prix/dog racing/horse racing/bowls is dull, dull, dull.

Failure to be observant
Hellooooo! We’ve dyed our hair and bought some new shoes. Why haven’t you noticed?

Talk about passive aggressive. We can’t stand it when you go all sulky pants and give us the silent treatment.

Wandering eyes
You think you’re so clever with your subtle sideways glances, but we can tell you’re ogling the waitress and we aren’t pleased.

Potty mouth
Don’t be so uncouth. All that bad language is an offence to our pretty little ears.

Men Hate

Pyjama princess
You’re not seriously expecting us to start feeling amorous while you’re wearing bunny rabbit pyjamas with food stains down the front.  

Leaving the toilet seat down
Fair’s fair. If we’re expected to leave it up for you, surely you should return the favour.

Fad dieting
Last week you were cutting out carbs and this week it’s cabbage soup or nothing. We like you the way you are so stop obsessing about your weight and have some chips.

Belief in horoscopes
It was all going so well, and then you started banging on about how Taurus and Virgo don’t click. Exactly when did you have the lobotomy?

Take it from us, you have more than enough shoes/bags/jeans/scarves/dresses/ and frankly, we’re fed up of being dragged up and down the high street carrying your bags.

An endless appetite for crap telly
My Big Fat Naked Next Top Glee Club Strictly Come X Factor’s Got Talent On Ice…Aaaaaargh! Make it stop! Make it stop!

So once a month you get carte blanche to behave completely abominably towards us. How is that fair?

Turning on the water works to make us feel bad and get your own way. Simple, effective and unbelievably annoying.