Best Indian Restaurants in Birmingham

Birmingham is renowned for lots of things aside from its fabulous and famous curry houses, but it does do Indian food oh so well!
So, we’ve narrowed down a few of our favourite Indian restaurants in Birmingham, to help you choose where to take your lucky date!




Awarded Best Newcomer in the British Curry awards, Asha’s is a popular restaurant in Birmingham – and not without good reason.
From succulent meats to speciality kebabs, delicious vegetarian and indulgent deserts, Ashas serves authentic Indian dishes, and has been continually praised in the Michelin Guide for its commitment to the craft of Indian cooking– and quite rightly so!
With its low ceilings and cleverly lit rooms, Asha's exudes Bollywood glamour throughout. Asha’s features dark wood tables and vibrant orange and lime green furnishings, instantly putting you in the mood for a sophisticated Indian dining date.






Having been around for more than 40 years, Maharaja’s is one of the most established Indian restaurants in Birmingham. And, once again, the “old and wise” saying is proven correct, as this restaurant knows a thing or two about Indian cuisine.
Serving up some mild and creamy dishes as well as spicy sensations, this truly is a date venue to tantalise those taste buds! The menu features all the classics you’d expect to see, so picking your favourite dish shouldn’t prove too tricky.
The décor pays homage to British curry houses of years gone by, with patterned carpets and contemporary artwork throughout.





Lasan Eatery

Unfussy and buzzy, Lasan Eatery is one of the more contemporary Indian restaurants on the Birmingham curry scene.
With an open plan kitchen, the rich aroma of spices will have you and your date’s stomachs rumbling for this hearty cuisine!
The menu features your usual array of biriyanis, baltis and kormas and there’s a tasty selection of starters to choose from – or perhaps the two of you could share a few? Now there’s food for thought!