Best Mexican Restaurants in Edinburgh

If you’re dating in Edinburgh and are looking for some fun and contemporary venues to take your date to for a meal they won’t forget, then look no further.

Affectionately known as the Athens of the North, Edinburgh is fast developing a reputation as an inspiring food destination. If you’re looking for something outside of the norm we’ve picked our favourite Edinburgh Mexican restaurants which are sure to set the tone for a great date:

Miros Cantina Mexicana

Number one on any Mexican foodie’s list should be Miros Cantina Mexicana.
Twinkling candles set on top of brightly clad tables set the perfect scene for a date while the Mexican flag themed décor instantly transports you from the streets of Edinburgh to the heart of “Mehico”. Squint a little and you’ll feel like you’re really there!
If you or your date aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of Mexican cuisine, then fear not, for Miro’s menu features a host of well-known plates such as fajitas and nachos, and for the more adventurous daters, specialities such as spiced grilled fish or slow cooked meats.
And, if you’re not too full after your mains, the pecan pie and fudge cakes are worth waiting for!

Nachos Fiesta

If the name alone isn’t enough to entice you, then perhaps the following information will convince you to choose this location as a date venue…
Bright and lively, Nachos Fiesta brings a Latin American party buzz to an often somewhat chilly Scotland.

Blending hearty home cooking with authentic Mexican recipes, the menu at Nachos Fiesta showcases a flavour-filled feast, with fajitas and nachos heading the selection.
In fun yet laidback surroundings, the buzzy and friendly ambience of Nachos Fiesta is sure to help put those date nerves to the back of your mind and help you relax and enjoy the company of your date.

Blue Parrot Cantina

Hidden beneath the streets of the city, Blue Parrot Cantina has been serving locals, visitors and daters alike for almost 20 years – so they know their stuff when it comes to cooking up a Mexican storm.

The mood in the restaurant is simple and stripped back, with rustic wooden tables and candles that flicker on the walls, giving a romantic feel to the place.
There’s also an open plan kitchen, so the two of you can watch your feast being prepared to help whet your appetite.
The menu features some great authentic Mexican dishes, while the desert menu has an array of tempting treats, from boozy ice-cream and liquor conconctions to deep-fried fruit chimichangas and sumptuous sorbets!

So there you have it…our pick of Edinburgh’s best Mexican restaurants, which will keep even the most hardcore of foodies and romantic of daters happy. Which one will you choose for your memorable Mexican date?

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