Blind date disasters

They say love is blind. But after these tales of blind date horror, you might want to keep your eyes wide open…

The miserable one
‘I was set up by a friend’s friend, and was promised someone ‘really chatty’. Trouble was, all this guy wanted to ‘chat’ about was how terrible his life was. He hated his job, had no friends, was rubbish at sport and hated living in the city. I scarpered after the first drink, but that just prompted more moaning – walking back to the station together, he called his brother and said: ‘Mate, it was terrible, I’ve already been dumped.’
Janie, 34

The demanding one
‘My friends say I’m generous, but one over-estimated just how generous when they arranged for me to meet their colleague with ‘refined tastes’. This basically translated to her demanding we meet in the most exclusive bar, then ordering champagne all night. When the bill came, she just stared at me til I paid- then had the cheek to say I hadn’t tipped enough! Arrgh!’
Mark, 27

The vomiting one
‘I’d met my blind date for five minutes, when the lady sitting behind him started vomiting. I’m not sure if she was drunk, or had some bug, but the reason didn’t matter. What mattered was my and my date’s bags were his side of the table, ‘in range’- and he grabbed his and left mine to be covered! I was furious!’
Ashlee, 31

The drunk one
‘My friend set me up with a guy in some high-powered city job, and when we met, he’d been on a work jolly all afternoon. He was so drunk he couldn’t even stand up to say hello, then he knocked over a table of drinks then fell asleep when I went to the toilet!  On the upside, it gave me an easy escape!
Rachel, 23

The ignoring-everything-I-say one
‘Before a blind date with a colleague’s brother, he emailed asking what I wanted to eat for dinner, where was convenient and so on. I was touched, and answered saying I was veggie and lived an hour north of town. The day we were due to meet, he messaged saying he’d booked a steak restaurant, an hour south of town. I don’t know if I was angry or baffled! Either way, I didn’t go!’
Jo, 35

The fashion one
‘My friend works in fashion, so I knew the guy she set me up with wouldn’t turn up in his jeans. And I was right – he turned up in my jeans instead! Exactly the same pastel-coloured pair I’d bought from a women’s shop a week earlier. He was a sweet guy, but I couldn’t get over the fact we wore matching trousers!’
Melanie, 26

The over-hyped one
‘My brother-in-law set me up with his footballing mate, but because neither of us were free to meet for ages, we started emailing instead, then spoke on the phone too. We seemed to have loads in common, so when we did actually meet, I was so excited. It was awful though! We’d run out of things to say, and had no chemistry at all. Even more annoying was our phone calls cost me £80 because he was on a different network!’
Julie, 25

The walking one
‘I grew up in a rural village, so was happy when a blind date suggested meeting in the countryside. What I didn’t realise was this meant going for a long country walk with her rambling group! I arrived at the station with a bunch of flowers to find 20 people all kitted out with boots and rucksacks. I wanted to head straight back to town, but the next train didn’t leave for 3 hours! I had no choice but to join in the hike. Needless to say, it wasn’t a step towards romance…’
Chris, 28

The ex one
‘A colleague at my new work suggested a date with her partner’s friend who was ‘broken-hearted after being treated really badly.’ I felt sorry for him, and thought he sounded really sensitive. So imagine my horror when I turned up at the bar and found my ex – who’d cheated on me! Sure, it’s a small world, but seriously, what are the chances? On the upside, I was wearing a new dress and looked fab!’
Dana, 30

The messy one
‘I’d been feeling queasy all day, but thought it was simply pre-date nerves, so went along to my blind date. She was lovely – pretty, well-dressed, nice smile. So off I went to buy our first drinks, when suddenly, I had terrible stomach cramps and had to rush to the toilet. Without going into too much detail, I had to stay there for a while! By the time I emerged, my perfect date had vanished. She told the mutual friend who’d set us up I was the rudest person she’d ever met – and I was too embarrassed to admit the truth!’
Jack, 29