When it comes to dating someone new, it can be difficult to know exactly how, what and when to contact them.
And, with the knowledge that 29% of singles would be put off a potential partner based on the content of their post-date text, the pressure is seemingly well and truly on to impress both during and after the date.
So, if you’re struggling to know how to play it – fear not. We’ve got our mits on the latest LoveGeist survey results and have some top tips for texting your date.

Composing the perfect text takes time

According to the latest LoveGeist stats, singles in Britain tend to spend a whopping average of 14.5 minutes composing a post-date text!
Our top tip- keep your first post-date text short, sweet and honest; if you enjoyed the date, let them know.
Drop your date a text shortly after the date has ended, to keep it fresh in their mind what good company you are and how much fun it was to meet you.

Bad spelling is a turn off

With bad-spelling topping the list for texting turn-offs, Britains are seemingly real sticklers for accuracy.
Surprisingly, the LoveGeist survey showed that men are 60% more likely to ask their friends to proof their first few texts.
If grammar isn’t your forte, make sure you have a dictionary to hand, or at the very least, a spellchecker on your phone – it’ll really show that you’ve put thought, care and effort into your response.

Good “textiquette” is key

29% of singles interviewed said they’d be put off by a bad post-date text. So make sure yours is saying exactly what you want it to.
Even if you are a natural born joker, bear in mind that humour and sarcasm don’t often translate well in written words, so make sure your text is clear and simple – just to play it safe.


While typing out a post-date text, whether you’re grinning like a Cheshire cat or not, it’s best not to include smiley faces to show how you’re feeling!
Emoticons were cited as a major post-date faux-pas, so perhaps save your facial expressions for when you meet again.