Match, the dating site aimed at singles ready to start something real, is starting 2020 with a campaign aimed at fighting dating fatigue. The overabundance of choice available on casual dating apps has been shown to cause commitment issues among singles navigating today’s online dating world.

A Match study shows that 44% of single women are unhappy with the lack of commitment of other singles they meet through online dating*.

The new Match campaign, launched in January 2020, emphasises the authenticity of real relationships formed on Match. A number of TV spots showcase scenes that appear to be sexy, but actually turn out to be beautiful signs of commitment when things start to get serious in a relationship. The campaign celebrates singles who truly want to show commitment and emphasises that sometimes, commitment is the best thing in a relationship.

As part of this campaign, which has the tagline ‘MATCH. START SOMETHING REAL’, Match is also launching a special edition of its logo as a way to assert positioning in the online dating market as a brand which isn’t just for dates, but for starting real relationships.

The new campaign, which sees the logo turning from blue to pink on almost every touchpoint, was inspired by the results of research conducted by the Meetic Group. People felt the pink logo suggested more long-term relationships, meaning Match would be the place to find singles looking for a real connection rather than casual encounters. Pink was associated with thoughts of love and couples**.

To further explore what commitment looks like in 2020, Match has teamed up with STYLIST to host a mood-boosting comedy night on January 20th, where they’ll turn “Blue Monday” pink!

The ‘Pink Monday’ evening, hosted by comedian Sukh Ojla, will feature some of the top names in comedy. It’s the perfect opportunity to escape the January Blues and meet new, interesting people!

More information about the event here.

*The survey was conducted by Kantar TNS on behalf of Match, from October, 29th to November, 16th 2018. 9,704 singles between 18 and 65 years in 7 European countries were interviewed (UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy and Spain).

** Data was gathered through online interviews in the Research Now panel in the UK from the 22nd of February to the 4th of March 2019. 166 singles between the ages of 25 and 55, not committed in a serious and lasting relationship, and not rejecting online dating usage responded.