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The Case for Diverse Dating Sites: 3 Reasons Black Singles Might Not Want to Go Niche

The Case for Diverse Dating Sites: 3 Reasons Black Singles Might Not Want to Go Niche

Niche dating sites have changed the landscape of online dating, especially for those who have specific qualities they’re looking for in a date or partner. Race is often a specification people make on mainstream dating sites, and if that’s important to you, signing up for a site dedicated to black singles would seem like just one less step you have to take to find your ideal match.

However, going niche isn’t always the best route to take. Here are three reasons black daters should consider using diverse dating sites instead:


  1. Traditional Dating Sites Have Loads More Members

The main problem with niche dating sites is they just don’t have the same reach as traditional dating sites. Take, for example. Match has a huge amount of members located in almost any location, while some black dating sites have far less members, only in specific regions or areas. Sure, every one of those members is black, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll have success. Dating is a numbers game, right? The more black singles you’re around, the more likely you are to find that special someone who meets your needs. On Match, you’re increasing your chances 100 fold.

Match is also one of the UK’s best loved dating sites, and is consistently named as one of the best black dating sites — so there’s that to consider.


  1. Singles are More Active on Standard Dating Sites

It’s one thing for a dating site to have a ton of users, but it’s another thing for those users to actually be active on the site. People who use niche dating sites tend to do so to test out the waters and for the novelty of it, but if interest dies off, you’re left with static profiles and fewer choices. Not to mention conventional dating sites often have the bandwidth to offer more features to help you on your journey (e.g., advanced matchmaking algorithms and having your profile highlighted in search results).


  1. You Can Keep Your Options Open

Another pro of joining a more all-embracing dating site is you can always keep your options open. You aren’t stuck within a certain box if you happen to change your mind down the road. You can be as selective or as expansive as you want, whenever you want. Plus, sometimes it’s hard to know who we’re going to be attracted to or fall in love with. One day someone you never thought you’d be compatible with could catch your eye, or you could receive a message from your total opposite that sweeps you off your feet, and the rest is history.

Most single men and women are looking for someone who can understand and relate to them, and dating within the same race can be an important part of that equation. But turning to a niche dating site isn’t always the answer. Diverse sites like, with their large, active user bases and broad appeal, can help you find exactly what and who you’re looking for.


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