Giving a gift on your wedding anniversary shows thought and consideration. It also serves as a reminder that marrying
I have lived with quite a number of women, and I've got to tell you something: I was THAT guy that would always move a
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Leaving your hectic, nine-to-five lives behind you and jet-setting off on a romantic holiday could be just what you and
While some men seem to find gift buying for their partner’s a breeze, the majority of boyfriends and husbands
Moving in together is a significant step in your relationship; you’ve advanced your romance and are enjoying a whole
Few times of the year are as perfect for proposing as New Year’s Eve. Not only is the air still full of
Will you… Would you… Could you do me the greatest honour of reading this article on how to create the perfect
Problems in a relationship? Perhaps those magical feelings of lust and love are just not as powerful as they once were?
When you finally take the plunge and move in with your man, there are a few things which might take you by surprise,
 We take a look at some of the most common reasons why men shy away from marriage.
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