In my work as a Love Coach and the Dating and Relationship expert for Match, I help clients to lead happy and healthy love lives. And what I’ve found in my years of doing this work is that authenticity is the most empowering choice that you can ever make when it comes to love and dating.

So I have created the ‘Dare to be You’ series to help you make that choice today and beyond. Ultimately you can only really connect with someone fully when you are being yourself so why do we resist it? Why are we so afraid of being ourselves? Because deep down we believe that we are not enough as we are and it is this belief that has us behaving like we are the tribute act in our own lives. And so my message for you today is that you are unique, you are wonderfully imperfect and YOU ARE ENOUGH – right here and right now. You are 1,000,000% enough and you are worthy of love.

The reason why we struggle so much with being ourselves is that it takes courage, but with a little practice and a little guidance we can all make the empowered choice to be authentic and to have the courage to really own who we are. In this ‘Dare to be You’ series, we’ll be looking at why it’s a good thing to not be everybody’s cup of tea, how you can bring your authentic self on a first date and what it takes to drop the filtered version of you in your online dating profile so you can reveal who you really are.

I hope this helps you on your dating journey!

Vicki x