Date Review: Meat Mission

If you’re looking for a prim, proper restaurant with cutlery and plates for a first date, stop reading this article right now. Meat Mission is not for you.

Still reading? Good. Because oh. my. goodness. Meat Mission is delicious!

Situated just off Hoxton Square in trendy Shoreditch, Meat Mission’s entrance is tucked away from the strip of restaurants which line Old Street and Great Eastern Street, but it’s no less busy for being off the main road.
As we push open the doors at 7.30pm on a Thursday night we’re greeted by loud music and even louder wallpaper, instantly transported to what feels like a very cool New York burger joint. The extremely welcoming maître d’ finds a table for us immediately, despite the seemingly packed restaurant.

A few moments later our equally friendly and very handsome (all the staff seem to have just walked off an American Apparel photo shoot) waiter arrives to take our drinks order. Meat Mission could easily go down the pretentious Shoreditch route, but the genuine warmth of the waiting staff towards their customers puts us at ease.

Choosing just one drink from the extensive beer, cider and cocktail menu is tough, but after much deliberation we both pick the Budvar Dark, which comes in a large pitcher.

Browsing the menu results in serious FOMO, so my date and I strike a deal to go halves on the bacon cheeseburger and the buffalo chicken burger, with sides of fries and ‘slaw’.

The buffalo chicken burger comes slathered in Meat Mission’s homemade hot pepper and blue cheese sauce, making me extremely grateful for the endless supply of napkins provided. At this point I am regretting the decision to go halves with my date, but once I spot the mouth-wateringly pink burger I quickly change my mind. The sides obviously play second fiddle, but the fries are crisp and salty, while the slaw is refreshing and delicious.

With no room left for desert we get the bill, going Dutch on the £35 total, which also includes service.

Overall we had a fantastic meal and excellent service, which feels like a great deal for £17 each. I’d highly recommend Meat Mission for a date, as long as you don’t mind your date seeing you with buffalo sauce down your chin…

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