Forget the ‘drinks and dinner’ dating drill! Stand out from the crowd by making your date a bit different with one of these ideas…

1. Liquid picnic
The pub is often the first point of call for obvious reasons, but you can still get your Dutch courage and be remembered too! Buy a good bottle of wine (it’s cheaper from a supermarket than in a bar), and some olives, and take your date for a liquid picnic by the river or in the park. Chin chin!

2. Best bar none
If your date is a keeper, do you really want you first date to be in a Wetherspoons? So, if you must go to a bar, then make it a good one. Pick somewhere with character or with an interesting history or unusual selling point. That way you’ll have plenty to talk about and somewhere decent to go on your anniversaries!

3. Fun feast
There’s nothing wrong with going for a meal, but forget your standard restaurants and think of eating at a farmers’ market, pop-up restaurant or secret supper club instead. If you’ve both got a sense of humour, even novelty restaurants are a fabulous choice – especially if you’re roped into some after-dinner yodelling or flamenco. Ole!

4. Date in the dark
If you’re struggling to hear each other speak over music or general hubbub, step outside and enjoy your local area by twilight. Take your date on a tour of the sights lit up for night-time and enjoy an evening stroll. Just stick to well-frequented areas so you and your date are safe.

5. Song and dance
Don’t just walk past a busker if you’re out on a good date. Ask the musician to play your date’s favourite song, then ask him or her to dance with you. Much more fun – and memorable – than sweating it out in a nightclub.

6. Dare devils
Wherever you are on a date, make mischief with your partner by playing a game of dare. Keep it good natured rather than nasty, and there’s potential to really hit it off. It’ll give you lasting memories if it works out well between you, and is much more fun than quizzing each other, interview-style, across the table.

7. Class act
Pit your skills against each other by signing up for a one-off workshop or taster class. Head to cookery school for an evening session, try an African drumming workshop or sign up for a wine tasting evening. Then either help each other out or get competitive – either way, you’ll have a great time.

8. Happy shopper
Give your meeting some purpose by asking your love interest to help you with something. Whether that be a jaunt to the shops to pick out a pressie for your dad or a trip to the car boot sale to find an outfit for a fancy dress party, your date will probably love being useful and you’ll find out so much more about each other during the day.

9. It takes two
You might have a terrible voice, but you’ll have loads of fun giving karaoke a go anyway. Take turns to serenade each other, try duets and show tunes. You get to show off, prove you don’t take yourself too seriously, and might even discover ‘your’ song.

10. Race for love
Don’t sit there waiting for love to blossom, get out and about together instead. Suggest a bike ride or gentle run, dig out those trainers and work up a sweat together. Even if one of you is fitter than the other, it’ll give you both a goal to work towards, and is a good way of checking out what your date looks like in shorts!