Dating a Man Without the Drama

We all know couples who seem to have endless heated rows or who like to show how passionate they are about one another with public displays of affection, but dating drama is not for everyone. If you would like to try out some techniques for dating without the drama, but with just as much fun, read through these three top tips for relaxed-style dating.

1. If your dating partner doesn’t call you every day, it doesn’t necessarily ‘mean’ anything

While some couples are on the phone to each other every two minutes, others are quite happy to spend some time apart without experiencing any bouts of insecurity. If you’re feeling concerned because you haven’t heard from your man in a couple of days, consider your motives for getting in touch. If you want to call because you’d simply like to enjoy a conversation, then go for it, but if you’re merely ‘checking up’ then it might be sensible to hold off and keep yourself busy with other things. Make sure your insecurities aren’t driving the relationship and you’re much more likely to enjoy it and go with the flow – drama-free.

2. Are you angry with him or just angry?

We all have off-days and the problem with dating someone is that they can easily find themselves bearing the brunt – through no fault of their own. A classic catalyst for unnecessary dating drama is the unfair attribution of blame. If your cat died, you missed your train or your neighbour kept you awake last night, that isn’t his fault, and while you might rightly seek comfort from the man you are dating it wouldn’t be fair to take your misery or frustrations out on him.

3. Nobody’s perfect

Whether it’s forgetting to pick up your clothes from the dry-cleaning or mislaying your car keys, you’re bound to make mistakes from time to time, and so is the person you are dating. It’s important to cut people some slack if they’re just making normal, everyday mistakes, and not to get too wound up about the little things. Sometimes the most enormous arguments arise from something as petty as leaving the top off a jar by mistake. Try to remember that small errors are normal behaviour and don’t make it personal – dating a ‘perfect’ person would not be a barrel of laughs, after all.