Dating websites can be a minefield of mixed signals and cryptic gestures. How can you tell if the girl you’re hoping to woo is interested, or if she’s just being polite? For men, the right dating advice on interpreting these signs can be a godsend. Read on to find our tips to tell if she really fancies you.

Dreamy dating signal: Eye contact

During your date, does the object of your affection look at you with lingering eyes or does she quickly look away? If she looks into your eyes for longer than usual, it can often be a sign that she’s interested. Whilst the initial stages of dating can be a little awkward for men, you can probably tell from this simple sign whether she wants to get to know you more. For a little more information check if she’s using and of these techniques to try and seduce you with her eyes.

Delectable dating signal: Physical contact

If your date goes out of her way to brush hands or bump into you, she may be subconsciously trying to get close to you. This is one way women might flirt without realising they are actually flirting, which can be confusing for men. Our advice is don’t be freaked out – just be flattered.

Daring dating signal: Body language

Simple body language can speak louder than any words when it comes to finding out if she’s into you. Is your date playing with her hair quite a bit? For men, this can be a tell-tale sign of interest. Look at her gestures; if they mirror yours in some way, it may be a way of showing that she wants to be in tune with you. Our advice? If you rest your hand on your chin and she follows suit, you could be onto a winner. Likewise if a woman’s body is pointed towards you it usually means they like you or admire you. This is because on a subconscious level, people find similarity comforting, which paves the way for a stronger connection.

Desirable dating signal: Smiling

Is her smile genuine or fake? It’s easy to tell. The muscles around the eyes are very hard to control, so if she’s smiling genuinely, her eyes will be too. A real smile will fade naturally after a few seconds, but if it’s forced, it will stay put for a lot longer. Men should also listen for laughter, does it sound spontaneous or is it on the false side? Good advice is to see if she’s laughing at your jokes to be polite or if you really tickle her fancy.

Disastrous dating signals: Final words of advice

Lastly, there are also certain signs which act as dating disaster signals; if your date does any of the following, things may not be going too well:

Checking her phone too often, yawning or looking away: this may mean she disagrees with your point of view, or is just plain bored by what you’re saying. Change the subject pronto if this happens! Try switching the focus onto her instead by asking her more about herself.

Biting finger nails (hers, not yours): during the first stages of dating this could signal your lady is anxious or uncomfortable. Make a joke to break the ice – once you’ve made her smile it will instantly lighten the atmosphere.

Crossed arms or defensive gestures: she’s feeling protective and is putting up a barrier between you. If you’re dating style consists of doing the Spanish inquisition, ease off now or you risk ruining what could be a great evening. Focus on making her feel comfortable. Ask about her interests and passions, but don’t pry or ask anything that will make her feel edgy.

Finally, take our advice and remember to enjoy yourself and relax – if you become too fixated on spotting the signals mentioned above, you may miss out on the one thing guaranteed to bring you good dating karma – being yourself!