Dating Advice for #ThatAwkwardMomentWhen

Forgotten names, tripping over and spilling red wine down your brand new top – we’ve all been there. But what happens when you bump into your ex or you tuck your dress into your pants – what do you do when those awkward moments occur?
Here’s our advice for #ThatAwkwardMomentWhen.

1. You text your date instead of your friend

Things are going brilliantly; he’s witty, charming and you really fancy him! So, when he’s nipped to the gent’s room you take the opportunity to text your friend to tell her just how “fit” he is and how much you “hope he asks for a second date”. Sent.
And then, as if by some strange coincidence his mobile lights up from across the table. And your name flickers on the screen. And your heart plummets like a tonne of bricks. You’ve text him instead of your friend, haven’t you?
While it might be tempting to tap into his phone to remove said text or claim his mobile was snatched away in a freak tornado that swept through the restaurant in his absence, just try to stay calm and composed. When your date returns to the table, let him know how embarrassed you are and try to laugh it off – after all, you were praising him, weren’t you? If he’s the right man for you then he’ll see the funny side and feel flattered by your complimentary words.
Having said that, if your message was less than flattering then you might want to make your apologies and wrap the night up. If you’re already moaning about this person to your friends then it’s unlikely you two will go the distance. Consider it a blessing in disguise!

2. You have a wardrobe malfunction

You’ve styled your hair, found your way to the date venue and you’re a mixture of excited and nervous as you wait for your date to arrive. And then you clock your reflection in the window and discover a wardrobe malfunction at its finest.
Whether your dress is tucked into your tights or you’ve got your shirt on inside-out, these outfit mishaps really aren’t the end of the world (or your date) in fact, they could even be seen as endearing.
If your date draws attention to your wardrobe malfunction, laugh and make light of it, then excuse yourself for a few moments while you fix yourself up. While it might seem mortifying at the time, you’ll look back and smile in a few days – trust us.

3. You bump into your ex…

Unless your last relationship ended amicably and you’re both happy with each other moving on, it doesn’t get much more awkward than bumping into your ex on a date.
If you clock your ex-partner it’s important that you do two things. Firstly, remain calm and civil – say “hello”, ask how they are and wish them a pleasant evening to prevent (or disguise) any hard feelings.
Secondly, be honest with your current date but don’t divulge too much information; they’re bound to feel a little uncomfortable if your past pops up at such an early stage, so just make light of your encounter by saying something like “well that was awkward – that’s my ex!” and get back to the conversation you were having. Being honest shows that you’re trustworthy and moving the conversation along to focus on your current date will imply you’re happy and ready to move on.