Dating and Skating

Everyone knows that electricity bills are rising, so what better excuse to spend long, cosy nights in the pub! Well, that was my thinking, and I was quite enjoying my pub dates by nice, hot fires, until Paul suggested….ice skating.

I have a bit of a problem with ice skating. There’s the expectation that it will be lovely and romantic and, as you walk up to the rink, you are briefly fooled. There are couples smiling and skating expertly past, children are laughing as they whoosh around on their skates, and you barely notice the odd people in the shadows holding onto those plastic seal things.

But then you get your skates on (literally) and try and get onto the rink. And that is where the nightmare begins – how do you even get on the rink to start with? Once you manage to scramble on, everything changes. It is at this stage that the smiling couples become massively annoying, you curse the smug children who must spend all their pocket money on ice skating, and the odd people in the shadows become your best friends as, together, you cling onto the side for dear life and close your eyes as the expert skaters shower you with powdered ice as they rocket past. And this is when you are with your friends. What about if you are simultaneously trying to impress a date?

There was no way I could articulate all of this to Paul without dashing any hopes I had of appearing a) fun, and b) cool enough to go on non-pub date. The latter of which may not necessarily even be true. So I said yes.

We arrived and it was terrible. I couldn’t do it and my furry hat kept slipping onto my face. Paul was really nice though, and wasn’t actually that good himself. We ended up making it round the rink a couple of times without falling over, and Paul very gallantly held my hand the whole time (hurrah!).

When we (finally) got off the ice, we went for mulled wine by the fire, it was amazing – why hadn’t we just done this all along? After a couple of drinks, I made Paul promise that we would never have to go ice skating again. He agreed. But still held my hand the whole way home….

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