Most people spend time planning the perfect first date outfit to make the perfect first date impression. Most; but not all…

Working it
My friend recently had a coffee meeting with a guy from her work who she’d had a crush on for ages. She wore what she thought was this really sophisticated, but baggy, jumper. It wasn’t until she got back to the office and looked in the bathroom mirror that she realised it’d slipped down her arm and most of her bra (bright pink, obviously!) had been on show the whole time. She’s so embarrassed he thinks she was hitting on him, she now has to time every trip to the photocopier or every tea-run to avoid him!

In a flap
I was taking a girl I’d met in a pub to a really fancy restaurant for our first date. She turned up in a jacket made entirely from feathers, which sounds strange written down, but actually looked amazing. Well, until all the feathers started falling off and shedding everywhere…! Every time she sat down, the chair would be left covered; every time she walked to the bathroom, she’d leave a little trail; every time she leant across the table, the cloth would end up speckled with black. I found it quite funny, but she was mortified. It made the atmosphere so uncomfortable, any romance soon flew the nest!

If the shoe fits…
I was in a restaurant recently with my friends, and this guy appeared wearing big white cowboy boots, jeans tucked in. We assumed he was some kind of musical entertainment, until he went up and greeted a girl sitting waiting at the bar. She was dressed quite fashionably, so we waited for her face to show her repulsion. But for some reason, she didn’t seem to notice anything wrong! Each to their own, I guess.

I love detective stories and my work-mate said her friend loves them too, so suggested we emailed each other. We quickly hit it off and arranged to meet, and I was really excited. That is, until I saw him waiting by the train station, dressed in full Sherlock Holmes garb. Pipe, tweeds, moustache, cape. He said he’d done it to impress me, but I was so embarrassed to be seen with him, I ran away after one drink. My mate says he’s normally quite reserved, so why he thought that was a good idea remains a mystery!

It doesn’t suit everyone
I arranged to meet a guy I’d been dating in a restaurant with a dress code: ‘Smart Casual.’ For some reason, he took this a bit to heart, and turned up wearing a pair of holey jeans, trainers and a suit jacket, shirt and tie. To make it even worse, the jacket was way too big for him, with massive shoulder pads that made him look like really weedy and small. He was a sweet person, but I couldn’t get that image out of my head, and we quickly broke up!

No ‘arm done
It’s not very lady-like, but I sweat a lot when I’m nervous and get paranoid about ‘wet patches’ under my arms. Still, I figured wearing a sleeveless top would ease the situation when I met someone I’d been chatting to online. What I hadn’t figured out though, was that it was a mohair top, so instead of getting wet patches, all the hairs stuck to my underarms. Horrified, I glanced down and realised it looked like I had really hair armpits! Thankfully, he was lovely and saw the funny side. In fact, we’re still dating! Luckily, we’re so comfortable together now, any nervous armpit issues are long gone too!

Wheely not good
I met a guy in a bar and we got chatting. He was a sports addict and so am I, so we figured we had a lot in common and decided to meet again. I didn’t realise quite how addicted he was though, until he walked into the bar dressed in cycling shorts! I expected him to go and change in the loos, or maybe have a funny story behind him forgetting his clothes at work. But nope, he just sat down as if it was perfectly normal first date attire! We didn’t meet again!