Dating in the New Year: 8 relationship resolutions for 2018

If I could sum up my love life in 2017 in one word, it would have to be: unexpected. Sometime someone amazing walks into your life and suddenly, you’ve changed your tune.

Jim Rohn once said “your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change,” and to celebrate the new year, what better way to change your love life for the better than with these inspiring relationship resolutions for 2018?

  1. Smile more. There’s a reason it takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown, so why waste your energy on negative expressions when you could spread happiness with ease? You never know who could be falling in love with your smile!
  1. Scare yourself every day. No, I don’t mean get drunk and online stalk the object of your affections only to wake up in the cold light of day to discover you had ‘liked’ a year old Facebook photo of them. Instead I’m talking about discovering a side to yourself that you never knew you had, as this could lead to you dating someone you never usually would have considered.
  1. Shun convention. Less of the ‘wait-three-days-to-text-back’ rule and more of the ‘making-the-first-move’ resolution. We live in the 21st century where dating etiquettes have changed dramatically, so don’t get left behind with outdated traditions and instead go with the flow!
  1. Love to learn. We’re so busy learning to love that we forget about loving to learn. What happened to those butterflies in our stomachs when we stumbled across a shared, niche interest with our other half? While it’s great to know every last fact about our partner, the secret to long-lasting love is to always learn something new about them.
  1. Lose control. You could organise your life to the very last detail and micromanage every single aspect – or you could take a risk and throw caution to the wind. Accept last-minute party invites, take a stranger’s number on a whim because let’s be honest: no great story ever started with a salad!
  1. Speak the same language. You might think that just because you and your partner speak the same native tongue, you’re automatically speaking the same language. But sometimes actions speak louder than words which marriage counsellor, Gary Chapman, highlights in his book, ‘The Five Love Languages’. Showing your love in the form of words of affirmation may differ from your partner’s affection through quality time, so be sure to not just speak but listen to your other half.
  1. Be in the moment. Many people admit that the reason their relationships fail is because – wait for it – it’s going too well. While it may sound like a crazy reason to break up with a partner, you’d be surprised how often it happens. So what if you’re on cloud nine? Do you know how many people would give to experience this, let alone enjoy this mutual feeling? Count yourself lucky and enjoy the ride!
  1. Focus on the intent, not the outcome. Sure, it’s easy to feel the impact of an event – but have you ever stopped to consider its intent? OK, so the act of paying you a compliment or remembering a key anniversary by your partner may pale in comparison to a huge gesture such as surprising you with a holiday, but it’s not about the final outcome and more about its well-meant intentions. Pay attention to the small details, as this makes all the difference.

For anyone who had a less-than-impressive 2017, here’s to a fantastic 2018 – and remember, these resolutions aren’t just for New Year; they’re habits for life