If you’re wondering how to make a good first impression on your first date, we’ve got all the information you need to know in our pages dedicated to dating advice for men.

Pick-up Lines

Like it or not, most of us expect the man to make the first move when it comes to the dating game. To boost your confidence and send the first spark out with a bang, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to pick-up lines to turn your first glance into something special.

Women’s Turn-Offs Revealed

Every woman is unique, so it’s important to do your homework ahead of your date. We’ve pulled together some things you should know before arranging your date, as well as plenty of other sound dating advice in our Women’s Turn Offs Revealed section.

Dating Advice – Is Chivalry Dead?

Wondering how dating works in 2012? Should you offer to foot the bill, hold the door, or arrive with flowers? Designed to help give you a better idea of modern-day dating etiquette and how to behave, our section Dating Advice – Is Chivalry Dead? is a must-read for any man who’s planning a date.

How To Tell if She Fancies You

If she’s agreed to a date, it’s a pretty safe bet that your date has already seen something in you that she likes. You’ve got yourself a first date – this, in itself speaks volumes. There are many tell-tale signs that can help you know if your date fancies you. Our dating advice on how to tell if she fancies you will help you interpret both her visual and non-visual cues.

Who Should Pay on a Date?

There is no need for an awkward moment at the end of a date when it comes to who should pay the bill. Knowing how most people feel about splitting the costs in advance can take away some of the pressure. If you’re a traditionalist – we’ve got a whole host of reasons why footing the bill, at least on the first date can help you secure that all-important second meeting.

How to tell if you’ve messed up a first date

If your nerves got the better of you or you weren’t quite on form for your first date, don’t worry, it doesn’t have to spell dating disaster! We’ve listed some worst-case dating scenarios you may be able to relate to in our how to tell if you’ve messed up a first date section, and have provided some great ideas to help turn a bad date around.

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