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Find love at a summer festival

Find love at a summer festival

The sheer volume of people at a summer festivals makes it a veritable treasure trove for making new friends and even finding love. Make the most of carefree festival vibes with our guide to maximising your pulling potential at outdoor events.

Do carry wipes
Yes, part of the fun of camping is getting a bit muddy and grubby, but nobody’s going to want to snog you after three consecutive days of dancing, sweating, not showering and failing to brush your teeth. Packing a few hygiene essentials like baby wipes, sugar free gum, lip balm, sunscreen and dry shampoo will give you the edge over those poorly prepared stinky, frizzy-haired, sunburnt people.

Do get noticed
While you don’t want to take your best clothes with you to a festival, wearing something that will get you noticed or spark a conversation with a stranger is a good idea. We draw the line at those novelty festival hats – trust us nobody looks cool them – but a witty slogan tee-shirt or brightly coloured sundress will make you stand out from the crowd in a good way.

Don’t forget your mobile
It’s easy to get lost and lose your mates at festivals, so having a fully charged mobile to hand is essential. It’s also handy for keeping in touch with new found friends or arranging rendezvous points for meeting up later.

Do make friends
Take advantage of the friendly festival atmosphere and make new friends. You may as well get to know that hot guy in front of you – after all you’re going to be spending the next forty minutes or so smushed up against his back while you watch the band!

Don’t get wasted
By all means let your hair down and enjoy few beers in the sun, but don’t over do it. The all-day nature of festivals means that if you start drinking way too early (before breakfast) you’ll be legless by lunchtime. Fine if you want to get completely obliterated and say goodbye to your liver, but if you plan on hooking up with someone, pace yourself and drink plenty of water between alcoholic drinks.

Don’t go back to your tent too early
Just because the bands have stopped playing doesn’t mean it’s time to go to bed. Some of the best festival parties kick off after hours, so if you don’t want to miss out, you’d best hang around and find out what’s going on. You might just meet your soul mate as you dance and sing your way through the night under the stars at an after-show shindig.

Do be a joiner
Embrace the ‘more the merrier’ ambience and sit yourself down round someone else’s camp fire. As long as you bring your own drinks and something to burn, you’ll be a welcome addition. Festivals are one of those rare occasions when uninvited guests are encouraged rather than scorned. So tell that fitty to budge-up and cuddle up next to him/her. You’re just being friendly.

Do take a secret stash
A fast way to become popular and meet new people is to be the one who brought plenty of supplies and is happy to share them round. We’re talking beer, snacks, water, loo roll etc. Okay so members of the opposite sex might initially be drawn to you for your spare can of lager, but they’ll soon be won over by your devastating charm and wit right?

Do hang out at smaller tents
While the bigger bands play the main stage, consider hanging out at some of the smaller niche tents. For one thing they’re less busy so you have more chance to scout out someone who takes your fancy, and for another, there’s an instant bond between people who like the same obscure acts which gives you an instant shared interest to start up a topic of conversation. Plus an excuse to swap numbers and meet up later for drinks…

Do search out the chill out zone
Amidst all the hectic noise and crazyness, there’s usually one area that’s devoted to those who just want to chill out. And this is a treasure trove of a pulling ground. It’s major attraction is that it’s less noisy so you can actually have a conversation and get to know someone. Pull up a pew and sit yourself down.


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