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First date tips: How to improve confidence before a date

Laura, 2 May 2019
First date tips: How to improve confidence before a date

Nervous before a first date? The power of positive thinking is well-known to psychologists, but what does it actually mean? Treat yourself right and talk yourself positive with these five simple sentences that are guaranteed to bring out your confident side!

1. “I am beautiful, funny and smart”

It’s the perfect line to boost your pre – date confidence. Once you are ready for the date, repeat this simple phrase aloud, at least five times. It doesn’t matter who is listening, you are on your way to confidence!

2. “Of course he’s interested, he messaged me!”

Not convinced? Why? He must see your great qualities or he wouldn’t have called! Remember, you are beautiful, funny and smart.

3. “I do not need to convince anyone!”

To summarise: he is clearly somewhat interested in you. Repeat this sentence to remember to be yourself. That is who he asked on a date!

4. “Relax, it’s just dinner.”

Of course it would be great if the evening went well, but it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t. Anyway, by relaxing and enjoying yourself you are giving the night the best chance! Have fun and he’ll remember why he contacted you.

5. “Que Sera, Sera”

Whatever will be, will be! If two people are meant to get along and be together, they will. Forget any game plan or strategy and let karma take its course. Remind yourself of things that have gone well recently, and move on.

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