Forever friends… or forever something a bit more?

Sometimes, a friendship can lead to a beautiful romantic relationship. But sometimes, unwanted attention from a mate can drive you apart. Whether it’s reciprocated or not, these are the signs your pal might want something more than platonic…
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They’re always available
Whenever you get the urge for an impromptu visit to your favourite cocktail bar or cafe, who do you call? If there’s one person you know who will drop everything to come with you, that friend could well be thinking (or at least, wishing) these little trips were actually official dates.

They spoil you rotten
On your birthday, your friend goes above and beyond to make it special – arranging a party with all your friends, baking you a personalised cake, getting you an adorably thoughtful gift. The rest of your coupled-up friends aren’t just impressed, they’re jealous – their partners never spoil them that much on their birthdays…

They don’t like your new partner
Your friends’ reactions to someone you’re dating can be very telling. If a close mate isn’t keen on your new partner it may be genuine concern over one of their personality traits. However, there’s also a chance the only genuine concern is that they want you all to themselves.

They’ll do your chores for you
When there’s a DIY job around the house that you can’t, or don’t want to, do yourself, you never need to call in a handy-man (or woman). Your friend comes running with their tool kit, no matter what the task and no matter how much thanks they get.

They really ‘like’ you
The digital age can make it much easier to spot someone who’s got a crush on you: it’s the friend who texts and tweets you all the time and likes every Facebook status you post. It may simply be supportive, or you may have a social media stalker on your hands…

They’re very tactile
When you’ve got a crush, even the slightest touch can give you butterflies, so if you’ve got a friend who’s suddenly very touchy-feely and using any excuse to get close to you – by getting snugly on the sofa or play fighting – it’s a sure sign they’re loved up.

They never leave
It’s early in the morning and it’s the end of a big get-together at your flat, so obviously anyone with any sense has scarpered to avoid clean-up duties. But your pal is still there, happily wiping floors and chucking out empty cans. No one loves clinging onto the party atmosphere that much, they clearly just love clinging onto your company.

They get jealous
No one likes to be left out of social events, but if a normal fear of being forgotten launches into full-blown anger and jealousy, with your friend demanding to know why they weren’t invited with you on your Saturday night out, it might be something more than being a bit lonely.

You’re always their plus one
When you’re single, finding a plus one for special occasions can be tricky, so sometimes asking a friend along for moral support is normal. But if you find you become your mate’s go-to guest for everything from a birthday party to the annual office do, they probably want make you a permanent plus one.
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