Free date ideas in London

London is an expensive city, and going on a few dates a month in the capital can be costly. We’ve put together our best free dating ideas in London so you can continue to find love even on a budget.

The Geffrye Museum

One of London’s most charming and unique museums, the Geffrye focuses on how people’s homes have changed and developed from the 1600’s to the present day. Not only is this a fascinating insight into the past, it also acts as a point of reflection on how fashions, styles, and tastes have changed over time.

Entry to the museum is free.



Sign up to win tickets to a free TV recording

Going to the recording of a TV show can be really fun and is a unique idea for a free date. The best audience sourcing company is SRO Audiences. You simply fill out your details to be in with a chance of going to top shows like Live at the Apollo, Sunday Night at the Palladium and many more.

Tip: you should ensure that you and your date get there early as your ticket isn’t guaranteed until you pick them up. This is due to many shows being oversubscribed.





Try the maze at Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace Park is unlike other parks as it features full-size dinosaur models and an outdoor maze – all of which you can see for free on your date.

The dinosaurs were installed in 1894 by a fossil expert, and these 33 prehistoric monsters have been recently restored to their original glory. A frequently heard question at the park is: “Is that a Megalosaurus or a megaloceros?” You and your date can decide.

After some dinosaur spotting, you and your date can zigzag your way through London’s largest maze. Tall people get bonus points as you can peek over the top of the three feet high hedges to avoid getting lost!





Greenwich Observatory

You and your date can share an experience together by heading to the world famous meridian line at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. The line represents the Prime Meridian of the World, and divides the eastern and western hemispheres of the Earth.

Another fun free date is to visit the Astronomy and time galleries. Entry to the Astronomy Centre at Greenwich Observatory is free, and currently they have a photography exhibition called Astronomy Photographer of the year 2014. So although it might be getting cold outside, you and your date can still gaze at the stars.

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