It comes to that time of the month when we’re all eagerly awaiting the glorious moment of… pay day! Just because we have yet again forgotten to pack our lunch and just had to go to Pret, and then generously offered to buy that third/fourth/fifth round of drinks on Saturday night, doesn’t mean our dating lives should suffer. We’ve got a load of free dating ideas which means you don’t have to break the bank to have an awesome date. Don’t worry, these aren’t the typical ‘picnic’ or ‘walk’ suggestions, we’ve got more entertaining and exciting activities to really impress your date.

Explore a food market for a free date and free food

If you’re not visiting your local market, you’re really missing out. Food markets are open all year long so there’s no excuse not to go. Browse around with your date and explore different foods and cuisines. Most stalls will dish out free samples so make sure you grab them on your way around. It’s a great way to get to know your dates likes and dislikes and a good way to get points if they’re a foodie.

Join in with geocaching (free live mobile app treasure hunt)

If your date is into games, they’ll love this free dating idea. Geocaching is the ultimate live treasure hunt that is played through an app on your phone, even better it’s free to download and use with an Android or iPhone. The gist is to create an account, pick a geocache (item) and navigate your way to its location. Once you’ve found it, hide it somewhere new for the next adventurer to find. When pay day arrives, you can upgrade to a paid premium account to get access to exclusive tools. It’s a super fun way to spend the afternoon together. We don’t usually recommend being on your phone during a date but we’ll let that slide on this occasion.

Watch a free outdoor movie screening

The classic ‘cinema date’ is becoming increasingly expensive, with some tickets now over £10 each. We’ve got a solution before pay day hits: grab a blanket, some snacks and head out to a free outdoor screening. Of course they won’t be playing the latest Hollywood blockbuster, but it’s more romantic then sitting indoors with Netflix. Plus, you’ll usually get a chance to capture a beautiful sunset. In the winter, it’s the perfect excuse to snuggle up close with your date to keep yourselves warm. This free dating idea is a good way to impress a film fanatic.

Go camping with your date

Ever tried escaping from modern luxuries and experiencing a night with nature (and your date)? It’s actually quite relaxing and something we’d recommend to achieve inner Zen. Forget expensive restaurants, all you need is a bag of marshmallows and a pack of crackers. Camping is such a soothing activity whilst you’re in money saving mode. If it’s a clear night out, imagine the beauty of sleeping under a starry night! There’s no need to even pay to go to a campsite if you have a back garden – the ultimate free dating idea and a win all round.

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