Florence, originally from France, has lived in London for 11 years and has worked in the city for half of that time. Her work keeps her busy and at the weekend she likes to go hiking with her friends, play tennis and cook. After a few months of being single she’s decided it’s time to start dating again…

Why did you join match.com?

“My job is great, but it isn’t a 9-to-5 which means that I often don’t know what time I am going to finish my working day. That means that I don’t generally have much time to plan to socialise. I also feel that up until now, I’ve not made enough effort to meet new people. Now it feels like the right time to find new ways of making connections, and that’s where match.com comes in.”

How would you describe your approach to dating?

“I am really positive about what can happen otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it. I don’t hate being single however I do think it would be nice to try dating again and find someone who I can share things with. I’m not in any rush and I’m not dating loads of people, I’m quite particular. I think my approach to dating has changed in the last few years and I know that match.com can help me choose what’s good for me as opposed to just meeting someone random in a pub.”

What type of guy are you looking for?

“I want someone fun but with strong principles who knows what he wants and where he’s going; someone who is quite driven but not by money… and someone with a full head of hair! I need a man who’s quite resourceful who will not make everyone’s life a misery if he doesn’t achieve his goals in a certain time frame. I don’t think I’ve ever really known what I wanted before or who I was, now I think that if you don’t know who you are then you don’t know what you need. “
“I’m looking for someone who will enjoy the things that I do and understand the hours I work as well as someone who I will enjoy spending time with at the weekends…Someone who will bring new things to my life and who I can offer something new to as well.”

What are the benefits of using match.com?

“match.com puts me in control. I can decide who I meet, what I like, what I am looking for and what’s good for me. Because I don’t have that much time outside of work the spare time I do have has to be meaningful. Meeting people who are similar to me makes dating easier and on match.com you have the ability to be able to do that. It’s a lot easier to meet guys when they understand what you are like, what you do and what your hobbies are; it’s nice when you have common ground with one another. Match provides me with a selection of people who have completely different lives, often just as busy as mine, but different – it’s useful, it’s productive and it’s efficient!“

What do you look for when you’re using the site?

“The first thing I look at when I read a profile is that the guy is active and doesn’t sit and watch TV all day. I’m sure men do the same when they see my profile; I’ve had messages that say ‘I see you do that sport, I’ve always wanted to try that’.

Do you use match.com on your mobile?

“Yeah, probably more than my laptop actually. The biggest convenience is that I can check my profile everywhere – on the move, on the bus, in the street – which makes it an awful lot easier. I find it more convenient to check my messages on the bus than on my computer at home!”

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