Girls: How to make yourself more dateable

 Want to know how to make yourself more desirable to the opposite sex? Here’s how to become a man magnet in seven easy steps

1. Smile!
Turn that frown upside down. Don’t waste your time trying to look cool and mysterious. It’s the girls who crack a smile who get the guy every time. A friendly smile will not only make you all the more approachable it will also make you seem more alluring and desirable. Just make sure you’re working a natural smile and not a crazy fixed grin. It really is the simplest way to up your attraction factor.

2. Let your body do the talking
First impressions make a lasting impression so it stands to reason that if your posture and body language exude sensuality and self-confidence you’ll soon be grabbing his attention for all the right reasons. Try to keep your posture open – avoid crossing your arms as this creates a barrier and gives the impression that you’re on the defensive and don’t want to be approached. Experts say that mirroring can serve to create a connection between you too. So, if he comes over to talk to you, try to subtly mirror his actions and create that subtle bond between you.

3. Make eye contact
Men love it when a woman meets their gaze. It reaffirms their manliness and makes them feel more attractive. So next time you see a cute guy, don’t shuffle away with your eyes to the floor. Look him in the eye and flash a smile (see above). It’s a winning combo.

4. Work your wardrobe
Women tend to dress more for other women than they do for men. The problem is that men often don’t understand the subtleties and complexities of ladies’ fashions. What you think is a stylishly on-trend maxi-dress, he just sees as a shapeless sack that covers up all your good bits. We’re not suggesting you start dressing for him in micro minis and low cut tops, but it’s worth considering shelving the more ‘out-there’ pieces of your wardrobe in favour of classic styles and shapes that he’s more likely to understand and appreciate.

5. Be positive
Guys, just like the rest of us prefer to hang around with people who are kind and optimistic. If you’re prone to wallowing in self-pity or talking ungenerously about others it’s time to shake things up as you could unwittingly be putting off potential suitors. Rather than launching into a tirade about your sleazy ex, complaining about work or bitching about your best friend, concentrate on the positive stuff in your life instead and strive to present your best self at all times. It’s better for your own mental health and heaps more attractive.

6. Believe in yourself

Inner contentment and independence are hugely alluring traits that should not be overlooked. After all, if you don’t believe you’re an attractive person you can’t really expect others to either. Work on upping your self-confidence levels, by improving your posture and reciting positive affirmations daily. Occupy your time doing fulfilling things that make you happy. Join a club or start a hobby because it triggers your interests not because you think that’s where you’ll meet lots of eligible men. Fill your diary with fun and interesting things and live your life to the full and you’re instantaneously more desirable.

7. Don’t play games
Don’t waste your time playing hard to get, or coming up with elaborate ways to engineer situations to be near someone you fancy. Game playing rarely leads to a fulfilling and sustainable relationship. If you like someone, let them know by engaging in a bit of friendly flirting and leave the rest to fate. What’s meant to be will be.