Dating Tips For Men4 minutes

Guys: How to make yourself more dateable

Guys: How to make yourself more dateable

 If you’re having trouble getting girls to go out with you, it could be because you’re going about it all wrong. Check out our seven-step guide to making the opposite sex want to date you and you’ll soon be beating them off with a stick.

1. Don’t show off
Bragging about your accomplishments, wealth or achievements will make you seem arrogant and bigheaded, but if you can convey a genuine passion about your likes, interests, career and ambitions without sounding like a show-off, you’ll make yourself hard to resist.

2. Pay attention to the little things
It’s incredibly gratifying for a women when a man notices the little efforts she’s made with her appearance. Usually it’s only her girl or gay friends who notice the fact she’s wearing her hair in a different style or has bought a new handbag, but women really do appreciate it when a man takes the time to observe and comment on the little things too. Get practicing on your female friends. It works!

3. Listen
Women so often complain about men who seem to talk at them for ages without registering their lack of interest. This is your chance to redress the balance. Instead of boring her rigid before you’ve even asked her out on a date, try zipping it for a minute and asking her a question or two about herself. By deflecting attention away from you and allowing her to speak you’ll get the opportunity to find out a bit more about her likes and dislikes. And that’s useful information when it comes to asking her out.

4. Pay compliments
Yes it’s true, women love a good compliment, but the crucial word here is ‘good’. For a compliment to be effective it needs to be genuine, believable and delivered with charm. She’ll soon suss you out if you’re just trotting out the same old lack lustre lines without conviction. Next time you’re in the company of someone you fancy, instead of saying something boring and general like “you look nice”, be more specific, add a personal touch and comment for example on how her earrings really bring out the colour in her eyes.

5 Show your interest
In order to make yourself more dateable you need to master the art of flirting. If you don’t flirt at least a little, she may be confused as to whether your interest in her is plutonic or romantic. The simple way is to make eye contact, smile and if you’re feeling confident maybe even put your hand on her arm or shoulder briefly to give her the merest hint of your intentions without seeming lecherous.

6. Start a conversation
Finding the courage to go up and chat to someone you find attractive can be a pretty nerve-wracking experience. To make things easier don’t think of it as chatting up, think of it as striking up a normal conversation with any stranger – just like you might on a busy flight or in the queue at the supermarket. Forget cheesy chat-up lines and witty one-liners and just say something pertinent to where you are and what you’re doing. Before you know it you’ll be chatting about the weather or whether to buy own-brand crisps. Easy!

7. Don’t act desperate
Trying too hard by laying on the compliments too thick and finding excuses to touch or be near her all the time will only make her feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic, neither of which is likely to end up in you getting a date. So instead of trying to harass her into submission, once you’ve made it clear you like her, back off and give her some breathing space. If she likes you back she’ll make the next move without you having to chase her around for an answer.

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