The Bonfire Night love quiz
The skies will light up with a dazzling display on Bonfire Night, but is your relationship turning into more of a damp squib? Take our quiz to find out if you and your partner still set each other’s world alight.

1. Your partner calls you when you’re at work, just to say hi. Do you…
A: Grin with delight and rush outside to fill him in on the latest office gossip?
B: Have a quick chat about what’s for dinner before getting back to the grindstone?
C: Eye your phone suspiciously and wonder whether he’s forgotten to pick up his dry cleaning again?

2. Your other half is coming home after a long trip away. Do you…
A: Barely sleep with excitement, having bought a new outfit for the occasion?
B: Look forward to watching all the shows you recorded in his absence?
C: Go on one last wild night out with your mates while you still can?

3. On your birthday, which of these presents are you most likely to receive from your significant other?
A: Tickets to see your favourite band that night in Paris.
B: The exact dress you asked him for.
C: The latest variation of the perfume he bought you last year.

4. The two of you find yourselves with an unexpected free evening together. How do you spend it?
A: Going out for an impromptu romantic meal followed by starlit stroll.
B: Slobbing out in front of the telly in your PJs.
C: You can’t decide on something to do so end up having an argument.

5. You and your partner are at a drinks party and loads of your friends are there. Do you…
A: Spend the night glued to your other half’s side, gazing into his eyes and hanging off his every word?
B: Catch up with your mates, but catch your partner’s eye every now and again to make sure he’s enjoying himself?
C: Make a beeline for the people you haven’t seen for ages – you don’t want to be bored by the same old conversations?


Mostly As: Rocket
Your relationship is totally sizzling and all you want to do is spend time with your partner. This feeling of all-consuming excitement may fade over time, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Mostly Bs: Roman candle
Soft and gentle, your relationship is all about the slow burn. You may not feel weak at the knees, but it looks like you’re happy to be in it for the long haul.

Mostly Cs: Catherine wheel
You and your partner seem to be going round in circles and confronting the same issues over and over again. If there’s no forward motion, it’s worth thinking about whether this relationship’s what you really want.