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How do you know your partner is being faithful?

How do you know your partner is being faithful?

Signs you’re their one and only
Your partner has vowed never to stray but how can you tell they’re being true to their word? Look for these encouraging signs…

Your presence is presents enough
You may have noticed that each year your birthday and Christmas presents get decreasingly impressive. While a cheating partner might be lavishing you with expensive treats to soothe their guilty conscience, a faithful partner may be more concerned about spending money on useful things for your household, or wait until they find something they know you’ll truly love.

They’ve let themselves go
Your partner might have let themselves go a bit since you first got together, when all those cosy dinners take their toll and shaving is no longer top of the to-do list. This probably just means they feel comfortable enough with you not to have to make an effort all the time, whereas a sudden interest in hitting the gym or buying new clothes may signal someone new on the scene.

You can hear all their phone calls
It might drive you mad but it’s a good sign if your partner is happy to yap away on the phone in front of you. If they had something to hide they’d leave the room every time their phone rings, and pretend they’re checking the news online when they’re actually texting.

Their life is an open book
If someone is lying, they’re likely to gloss over the details so, as tedious as it might be, you should be pleased if your partner likes to give you a blow-by-blow account of their evening out.

They’re always where they say they’ll be
To feel secure in a relationship you need to know where you are with your partner. Encouraging signs include showing up on time to meet you, or warning you in good time that they’re going to be late and giving you a water-tight excuse for why.

They commit to future plans
If someone is being faithful, it means they’re happy, and happy people often like to make plans. So if they’re suggesting booking holidays or festival tickets, it’s clear they see a future with you, and not with anybody else.

You’re like peas in a pod
One of the joys of being in a couple is discovering new things together and being on the same page. Some couples even start to resemble each other in style, sayings and mannerisms. This indicates closeness and should be enough to make you feel secure.But if your partner suddenly starts talking about liking a new type of food or coming up with opinions you never knew they had, look out for clues of a third party.

They’re hands-on
Cheaters are likely to distance themselves from their partners, either emotionally or physically, but if your other half is still as intimate and expressive as usual, then the chances they’re straying are slim.

They spend time with your friends and family
If someone has a bit on the side, they’re likely to avoid the guilt-trip of spending time with the people who love you the most. But if your partner is quick to invite your family over for Sunday lunch or to hang out with your friends in the pub then they’re a keeper.

You feel happy
Use your intuition. If there’s something puzzling you about your partner’s behaviour then maybe you have reason to be suspicious. But if people compliment you on what a good couple you are to be around, and you feel genuinely happy in your relationship, it’s likely that they do too.

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