Take the plunge and ask him out!

Have you met a nice man and want to get to know him better? Are you wondering how to ask a guy out? Look no further, Match is here to help you take the plunge and ask him out!

Asking a guy out can be pretty nerve-wracking but the payoff is often worth it.

A lot of women have a tendency to let the men do the heavy lifting when it comes to dating, but asking a guy out can be really empowering. Your confidence could be really sexy, and who knows, he may be just as nervous as you to make the first move…

Everyone is different, so while there’s no one single way to ask a man out, we’ve put together our top tips for how to ask a guy out, how to ask a guy out over text, how to ask a guy out without getting rejected and even how to get him to ask you out.

Remember, the people you meet on Match are generally looking to start something real. Take this as a little confidence boost – if they’ve matched with you, chances are there’s something about you that has piqued their interest, and a date is a great place to start with building a meaningful connection.

4 tips for how to ask a guy out

Us girls have been wondering how to ask a guy out forever. Each man is different, and first and foremost, you should try to think about what the guy you’re interested in might like. As a great starting point, check out our top tips for how to ask a guy out:

  1. Let him know you’re interested

Flirting is always a great way to check the vibe before making your move. Starting off with a little flirtation means you can look out for signs he’s interested too – is he flirting back with you? If so, he’ll start to see you in a romantic light, and won’t be caught off guard when you ask him out.

2. Think about what he’d want to do

The greatest love stories often start over a shared interest. Think about his hobbies, interests, and things you have in common. If you both like art, you could suggest seeing an exhibition that you’ve heard is good. If he’s a real foodie, why not ask him along to your favourite restaurant?

3. Keep it low pressure

Asking a guy out doesn’t have to be a big deal! Building it up in your head can make it all the more nerve-wracking. For a first date, we recommend asking casually and not pinning all your hopes on one person. You’ll come across more confident (and it won’t hurt so much if they do say no), and he won’t feel the pressure, so you can focus on getting to know each other.

4. Get asking!

It’s time to make your move. It can be hard, but try your best to be confident and just go for it! The absolute worst that can happen is he says no… And if he does, he just wasn’t the guy for you. There are still plenty of interesting singles on Match who are looking to meet someone like you.

How to ask a guy out over text

Like it or not, texting is a staple of 21st century dating. Choosing to ask a guy out over text can be a great way to keep things low pressure, and gives you plenty of time to think about what you want to say to him.

If you’re wondering how to ask a guy out over text, the basics really aren’t that different from asking them out on the phone or in person… Use our top tips and shoot them a text suggesting something fun for the two of you to do!

How to ask a guy out without getting rejected?

The main thing that stops us plucking up the courage to ask him out is a fear of rejection.

If you’re wondering how to ask a guy out without getting rejected, we suggest taking the time to read the signs before asking a guy out to give yourself the best chance of success.

Dating is complicated, and we can’t guarantee you’ll never be rejected, but there are some things to think about before making your move.

  • Has there been any flirting or chemistry?

If you’re not sure, why not read how to tell if someone likes you for some basic signs that might give away that they’re interested.

  • Do you know each other well enough?

While we can all get carried away, we’d recommend getting to know him a little before asking him out. That way, you’ll have a better idea whether you’re compatible, and you won’t scare him off by moving too fast.

  • Try to keep things casual

A simple “are you free this weekend?” is very open. If he says yes, you could suggest hanging out. He also has the opportunity here to shut it down before you’ve really put yourself out there and asked him out, saving you a rejection.

Sadly, there is no surefire way to ensure he won’t say no, even if he’s been flirting with you. While this can feel painful, it can help us grow and learn more about what we’re looking for.

If you do get a no, you should still be pleased with yourself for putting yourself out there. A no isn’t a reflection on you, it just wasn’t the right person.

Keep trying and sign up to Match today to start meeting committed singles.

How to get him to ask you out

If you’re interested in dating him, but don’t feel ready or confident enough to ask him out yet, you could try and do things in reverse – show him you’re interested and gently guide him towards asking you out instead.

How to get him to ask you out:

1. Flirt, flirt, flirt

Show him you’re interested with a little flirtation! He’ll start thinking of you in romantic terms and may decide to ask you on a date.

2. Express interest in him and his hobbies

If you’re expressing interest in him and his hobbies, he may decide to share them with you. If he likes golf, you could say something like “I’d love to learn how to play a little better”. He may well offer to teach you!

3. Talk about things you’d like to do (AKA drop some hints)

There’s nothing wrong with dropping a few hints! If he wants to date you too, he’ll pick up on them and ask you out. Try something like “I heard the new Thai restaurant on the high street is supposed to be delicious” and he may offer to take you!

4. If all else fails, but you still think he’s interested. Just ask him!

In modern dating, we shouldn’t have to wait around for men to ask us out. Asking a guy out can be really empowering, so why not just go for it! What have you got to lose!

If you want to meet single men and try out your newfound knowledge of how to ask a guy out, why not register with Match for free today?