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Up your attraction factor and find the ‘one’ with our eight step guide.

1) Banish negativity
To become attractive to others, you first need to banish all negative thoughts about yourself. Stop worrying about that outbreak of spots on your chin, or if you’re too fat/thin/tall/short. The ‘one’ will like you straight off. It will be simple and uncomplicated and they won’t be put off by something as shallow as a pimple. So kick all those feelings of self-doubt to the curb and start your search for love with a fresh and positive mindset.

2) Keep ‘em peeled
Potentially, the ‘one’ could be anyone you come across over the course of your day-to-day life. That hot guy in the coffee shop or that cute girl at the bus stop. But you won’t have a chance to find out if you’re wired up to your MP3 player or shuffling along the street in a world of your own. Try leaving your iPod at home for a change and engaging with those around you when you’re out and about. Make eye contact, be bold and strike up a conversation – it might even lead to a date.

3) Look your best
Always be groomed and well dressed, even if you’re just nipping out to the corner shop for a pint of milk. You never know when you might bump into Mr or Ms Perfect. It’s a simple fact that if you feel good and comfortable about the way you look, you’ll feel more self-confident. And this in turn will make you seem more attractive.

4) Smile
Smile and look friendly. A warm smile makes you much easier to approach and instantly put people at ease. The ‘one’ is far more likely to spot you and stop for a chat if you’re sporting a warm open expression than if you’re wearing a frown.

5) Be good to yourself
People with active lifestyles and a positive attitude are far more attractive to others. Eating a balanced diet and making time for regular exercise even if it’s just long walks will not only keep you in optimum health, but will be visible in the way you carry yourself and your general outlook and mood and thereby make you more desirable to others.

6) Be sociable
One thing’s for certain, you’re not going to attract the ‘one’ sat at home watching telly under a slanket. Now’s the time to get out there and meet new people. Say yes to every invitation you receive and make the most of each occasion by really putting yourself out there and mingling. Making new acquaintances and reconnecting with old friends will enable you to cast your social net as widely as possible in the hope of reeling in that special someone.

7) Embrace your independence
Don’t become fixated on finding the ‘one’. Independence is far more attractive than desperation so you’re better off embracing your singledom instead of frantically throwing all your energies into finding love. People are drawn to others who make things happen for themselves so get on and do your own thing. Write that novel, train for that marathon, learn a new language – whatever takes your fancy. The more skills, talents and hobbies of your own you have, the more interesting a person you’ll become. And that’s attractive!

8) Don’t lose faith
Dating can sometimes seem like a thankless task and you may well have to date a few duds before you hit the jackpot, but it’s crucial that you don’t give up hope. If you feel as though you’re attracting all the wrong people, consider looking a bit further a field. Try something new like speed or online dating to breath some life into your dull dating experiences. Who knows your next date could turn out to be your perfect mate.

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