How to Avoid Dating Disasters at Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly, or so the carol goes. But what happens when it all goes a bit ‘partridge in a pear tree’-shaped?
Dating at Christmas means there’s more to consider that your own family arrangements. From arguing over where to go for the big day to the awful moment when you find out your other half has got you a terrible present, we’ve come up with some top tips to help you avoid awkward Yuletide situations at all costs.

His family or yours?

Sooner or later, the issue of “who’s family should we spend Christmas with?” is bound to come up. Now, you’ll probably each have your own holiday traditions and you may not have ever envisaged changing yours, but there will come a time in your life when you’ll have to compromise with the person you’re dating.
It’s important that you discuss what you’d like to do well in advance of December 25th. Perhaps you could split the day, so that Christmas morning is spent with your family and you’re over to his parents in time for the Queen’s speech. Or, if home is at opposite ends of the country, why not agree to alternate where you spend Christmas each year – this will help to avoid a sherry-fuelled fall out!

The awkward moment when…

…you don’t like the present your partner’s got you. Over the years, you’ve probably practised your “It’s just what I’ve always wanted” line on those unwanted knitted scarves from Granny and the wrong football team’s strip from your Uncle Roy.
However, when dating, honesty is always the best policy. So, once you’re away from prying eyes, you should gently tell your partner that while you love the sentiment, you’d perhaps prefer something else.
Avoid receiving the wrong gift altogether by writing a list of things you’d really love and dropping major hints about how much you hate surprises!

Take it easy on the eggnog

While you may not be looking forward to spending Christmas with your significant other’s family, it’s best to keep your drinking to a minimum if you’re worried it might lead to you saying something you regret.
As tempting as it may be to try and calm your nerves with a few mulled wines, it’s best to keep a relatively clear head, so you can enjoy the festivities and potentially create some cherished memories of your Christmas together.

Going cold turkey

Getting the Christmas dinner right is arguably the most important part of the day.
All eyes will be on the turkey, so if you’re cooking this Christmas then making sure it’s thoroughly cooked through is fundamental, not only to help you earn domestic god or goddess points, but also for everyone’s health!
If your bird turns out to be inedible, the best thing to do is make light of the situation, laugh it off, and make sure have some slices of trusty cooked roast chicken on standby.