Hello Mr Nice Guy!

It turns out chivalry isn’t dead. New research by match.com has found that, rather than treating her mean to keep her keen, modern-day men are prioritising good manners. Even if you don’t have a noble steed or know a damsel in distress, here are 10 ways to be a knight in the 21st century.

When you’re dating…

Turn up early to your date

There’s nothing fashionable about keeping someone waiting, and a survey by match.com revealed that 50% of blokes will actually make sure they arrive at the venue early so they can greet their date when she arrives. It’s a small gesture but it shows you’re bothered about making a good impression.

Ditch the three-day rule

There was a time when many guys would wait three days before calling a girl so as not to appear desperate, but not so these days. The study found that 80% of men will contact their love interest within 24 hours of seeing her, with 40% asking her during the date itself when she is next free.

Don’t kiss and tell

Tempting as it may be to brag about the amazing girl you snogged, nice guys keep it to themselves. In fact, 63% of those surveyed said they would not reveal the juicy details after a good date. And 59% would keep schtum even if they hadn’t got on with her. What gents!

Make the date a phone-free zone

Modern-day men aren’t immune to smartphone addiction, but they know when it’s inappropriate to feed it. Just under 3% of those surveyed admitted to checking the football scores while out with a date, and only 3.9% would text their friends. Very restrained!

Prioritise the emotional over the physical

Here’s some heartening news for all those who think men are only after one thing. Only one third of guys thinks a goodnight kiss contributes to a successful date, while a whopping 74% reckon flowing conversation is what makes a date go with a swing.

When you’re a couple…

Create a new hard drive on her computer

It sounds super geeky, but if you have the technical know-how to back up all photos, music and documents, it will be much appreciated. Obviously, you need to get permission before delving into her computer though!

Pick her up from the airport

When she’s knackered after an exhausting flight, the last thing she’ll want to do is scramble on to public transport for the journey home. If you drive to meet her at the airport, it’ll save her lots of stress and she’ll be thrilled to see a friendly face. And if you can’t drive, meet her anyway – the cab or train ride home will be much nicer with you there to listen to her stories and carry her bag.

Make her an iPod playlist

Making your special someone a mix tape may be a relic from the 90s, but the gesture lives on in the iPod playlist. Forget showing her with flowers – selecting a set of tunes that will liven up her commute is a far more personal way to show you care.

Preset her digital radio to her preferred stations

Some girls are a dab hand with technology, of course, but if your partner has better things to do than fiddle around with the knobs on her radio, take the trouble to do it for her. She’ll be pleased you’ve been paying attention to what she does and doesn’t like.

Stock your kitchen cupboard with her favourite things

What could be more 21st century than a man who knows how to cook? And if you know how to cook the things she enjoys, so much the better. Making sure you have her favourite cheeses, sauces, and brands of pasta in the house shows you’re interested in her tastes and are keen to have her around.