It can be daunting to be single suddenly, especially if all your mates are in couples. Put these tips into action to make the most of single life – and perhaps meet someone new along the way.

Sign up to an evening class
If you’ve always wanted to learn a new skill, here’s your chance. Whether it’s salsa dancing, creative writing or a different language, you’ll get a confidence boost from mastering your new hobby and could meet a like-minded individual in the process.

Reconnect with old friends
It’s easy to neglect friends when you’re ensconced in a cosy romance. Make the most of your new-found freedom by calling an old mate for a good catch up. It could lead to some fun nights out together and the chance to meet someone new.

Get out of your comfort zone
Easy as it is to go through the tried and tested motions, try shaking up your routine to see if it yields something better. Go to bars you’ve never been to before and don’t be afraid to follow up on casual invitations to parties or nights out now and again. You’ll get a buzz from being brave and trying something new.

Look for love online
If you want access to a whole host of potential dates, without any pressure, write yourself a profile and sign up to an online dating site. You’ll be able to browse a selection of lovelies to your heart’s content, and figure out exactly what you’re looking for in a relationship.

Get moving
Exercise can do a power of good. Not only will it help you look better, giving your self-esteem a lift, it’ll trigger all those mood-boosting chemicals too. And who knows? When you’re out jogging in the park or walking the dog you may bump into another fit and toned hottie.

Change your look
There’s something empowering about refreshing your hairstyle and investing in some new clothes, especially if it’s a look you haven’t tried before. It’ll make you feel great and will symbolically draw a line under your last relationship so you’re in the best position to move on.

Accept invitations
Even in you feel like slobbing out in front of the TV when you’re fresh out of a relationship, there are times when it calls for a bit of effort. Make a point of saying yes to invitations, even from people you aren’t best friends with.. You could meet the love of your life, and at the very least you’ll make some new friends.

Banish the ex factor
Whatever you do, try to keep mentions of your ex to a minimum when you’re out and about. You don’t want to scare away any potential suitors by suggesting you come with a load of baggage, and thinking about the past will make it harder for you to move forward.

Take it slow
Don’t feel under pressure to fall head-long into a new relationship. If you’re still hurting from a previous romance, you’re at risk of being on the rebound. Enjoy the opportunity to get to know lots of new people and go on plenty of dates until you find someone you really click with.