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How to dress for the cold and still look hot

How to dress for the cold and still look hot

Read our tips on how to look your sexiest when winter calls, whether you’re a guy or a girl. By’s relationship expert, Kate Taylor.


1. Top coats

If you have any money to invest in winter date-wear, sink it into a coat. The right coat slides tactfully over any bumpy bits (if you’ve hit the mince pies slightly too hard this season), and creates a first impression of drama and glamour. Go for a nipped-in, tailored cut to give you an hourglass figure. Choose collars that frame your face (fur is wonderful for this) and don’t hide away in black; instead, pick a beautiful colour. Luckily, THE colour for AW14 is dusky pink. That’s great news for you, as it’s also the colour that studies have shown men find the most alluring.

2. Texturise

Underneath your coat, concentrate on textures. Winter is a wonderful chance to wear clothes that feel as good as they look. Tempt your man to stroke you! Think fluffy Angora sweaters, soft velvet dresses, and smooth woollens. Buy unfragranced fabric softener and add ylang ylang, cinnamon or lavender essential oil to it – when your man is snuggled up to you, he’ll find that you smell irresistible but he won’t know why.

3. Jewellery

This seasons’ essential jewellery pieces are oversized earrings and necklaces. Huge hoops, dangly chandeliers, statement necklaces – wear these on dates. If you think that men don’t notice jewellery, read on: several independent pieces of research discovered that men found photos of women wearing jewellery more attractive than pictures of the same women going bare. Large earrings and neckalces draw attention to the lower portion of your face (including your jawline, lips and neck – all erogenous zones) and appear to lift your cheekbones, making you look younger. And Sherrie Schneider and Ellen Fein, authors of Not Your Mother’s Rules, recommend all women wear 3” hoop earrings on dates. Try it out. The way to a man’s heart could be through your jewels.


1. Bulk up

Winter clothes are great for guys as they tend to be bulkier than summer styles. Fleeces, sweaters and heavy coats all broaden your shoulders and widen your chest without your spending a minute in the Weights Room. Don’t forget women are drawn to men’s bodies that have an inverted-triangle shape (wide at the shoulder, narrow at the hip), so emphasise these proportions by choosing wide-shouldered jackets that narrow to a slim waist like the classic motorcycle jacket, suit jacket, or tux.

2. Dress taller

Women love taller men. In fact, at match we’ve found that height is the one aspect of a date’s appearance that women won’t compromise on. But don’t despair if you’re on the wrong side of six foot – dressing correctly can make you look instantly taller. Choose monochromatic colour schemes – dressing in one shade gives you a visual step-up, so wear matching jackets and trousers. Buy clothes that fit your body – sloppy, oversized clothes will only emphasise your smaller frame. Wear vertically striped shirts, and draw attention to the top of your body by wearing a bright accessory (like a handkerchief in your top pocket).

3. Share your clothes

On dates, appear to be more concerned with your date’s warmth than your own. Being draped protectively in a man’s coat, jacket or scarf is sure to raise any woman’s temperature. If the thought of freezing stops you being gallant, prepare in advance by wearing a thermal T-shirt under your shirt. Not only will you be chivalrous without the shivers, but your chest and shoulders will be slightly bulked-up too.

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