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How to find love at a wedding

How to find love at a wedding

With love in the air and everyone looking their best, there’s no reason why you can’t find love at a wedding – but certain rules apply.

A month before
I DO: Speak to the bride or groom and let them know that, if there’s the choice, you’d like to sit with other single people at dinner.
I DON’T: Tell the bride or groom you’ve got the hots for their sister/best/mate/uncle and ask to be seated next to them. Seating plans are complicated enough already.

The morning of the wedding
I DO: Plan an outfit which suits you, makes you look gorgeous and which is appropriate for a wedding.
I DON’T: Try to upstage the bride or wear something so scanty it might distract the Vicar.

At the ceremony
I DO: Concentrate on the beautiful service in front of you and sing along to the hymns with all your usual gusto. Who knows who might be listening?
I DON’T: Get distracted by thoughts of that gorgeous stranger you just saw come in by themselves.

At the drinks reception
I DO: Make sure you talk to as many people you know there as possible. Not only is it a good chance to catch up and celebrate together, but they might just introduce you to a charming friend of theirs you’ve never met.
I DON’T: Get upset if anyone asks if you’re single. Unfortunately this is standard conversation fare at weddings so it’s better just to grin and bear it.

At the wedding breakfast
I DO: Gauge the atmosphere at the wedding and act accordingly. If your table is the quietest at the function, then there’s no harm in suggesting a game for your table to play. Speech sweepstakes is a good one to get everyone on the table chatting.
I DON’T: Single out the person you like, thus ignoring the person on the other side of you.

At the disco
I DO: Reap the rewards of all the effort you’ve put in earlier in the day. If you’ve made sure you’ve talked to lots of people and seemed open, fun and friendly, then if there’s a potential suitor among the guests, you probably will have found each other by now. If you’ve got your eye on someone, now also might be the time to make a few enquiries about whether they are single, and introducing yourself if they are.
I DON’T: Bother the bride or groom with your quest. If they want to introduce you to someone then they will, but otherwise you need to let them enjoy their day

At the end of the night
I DO: Suggest ways of meeting up with the catch you’ve just met. If they seem keen then be brave and ask to swap contact details.
I DON’T: Give up hope if you haven’t met anyone you fancy. If you’ve met people you get on with then get their details instead, you could make a friend out of it and, who knows, they might introduce you to someone you do like.

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