Cable car rides for two, breath-taking views and roaring fires? Nothing spells romance like a snow side getaway!
Whether you are looking to reconnect with that special someone, or meet someone new, the slopes are the perfect place to impress a girl…
We’ve laid down the three reasons why taking to the Slopes could be the key to relationship success!

Quality Time

You’ve got the wind in your hair, and a fresh step in your…skis? An alpine adventure is the perfect signal-free zone to get your romance on the right tracks. Competing with a man’s mobile phone is often stated as a major turn-off for women, so use the opportunity on the slopes to be truly off-piste. Switch off the phone, step away from the emails and impress her with old school in-the-moment living. Snow balls will be thrown and stolen kisses savoured…


It’s told time and time again, that confidence is the key to success! Squashing that inner voice of doubt is something we all struggle with, yet after hurtling down a mountain and confronting your fears, we feel like you may just have that added fire of confidence you need to impress your lady. You can do anything!

Dopamine Rush!

Studies show adrenaline increases blood flow and sends dopamine levels soaring. The chemical cocktail of adrenaline and dopamine are renowned for their aphrodisiacal qualities, leading your adrenaline rush to a rush of love!