Single and ready to mingle? Then use the summertime to your advantage and get prepped for a season of socialising. Being single during the summer is ace! In summertime the days are longer and warmer which means more chances to meet new people. But let’s be honest, British summers are regrettably short, so our advice is to plan ahead and get going! Here are our tips on how to make the most of the summer if you’re single.

Plan a trip away

Having something to look forward to will put you in a happier frame of mind and take the pressure off having to make every weekend memorable. Contact a few of your friends – preferably single ones – and see who fancies a weekend break or a holiday. Don’t worry too much about picking the trendiest destination; just make sure it’s somewhere you really want to go so that you don’t have any doubts in the run up to the trip. The purpose of a fun trip away isn’t necessarily to meet someone, but to give your summer some substance and a sense of adventure. You’ll find it will give you a boost, added self-confidence in social situations, something to talk about, and, if you’re lucky, a tan too.

Be the ‘yes man’

Socialising is the key to a sexy summer, so whenever possible try to say ‘yes’ when invited to social engagements. It could be a barbeque or a free city festival, or a sports event. Try to avoid your usual haunts for a month and go to places you’ve never explored, it’ll get you out of that ‘I never meet anyone I like’ slump and open up your eyes to a new social life. You never know who you are going to meet when you’re out with friends, so seize opportunities and get out there!

Practice flirting

There’s no point surrounding yourself with potential hot dates if you’re too shy to make the first move. We’re not expecting you to go up and talk to everyone you fancy – few people are that confident – but you should practice a few flirting techniques to acquaint yourself with the summertime hotties. The most obvious method of non-verbal flirting is the lingering-gaze-and-smile combo. It’s a tried and tested formula that sends signs to the other person that you are interested, without having to approach them. Other tips include exposing your neck by turning your head or moving your hair (if you’re a girl) or standing tall and straight to infer masculinity (if you’re a guy). If you get chatting with a person you like try some non-intrusive physical contact such as touching their arm while you’re speaking. And don’t worry if you mess up, it’s all about practice and building up confidence, which will come in time. If you’re totally out of practice, why not join an online dating site so you can take things at your own pace? Send out a few winks to people you like the look of, and see where it goes from there!

Dare to bare

Showing your figure or body shape at its best will get you more attention. Fact. In other words get training, sweating, buffing and bronzing. Cut down on the empty carbs, get a manicure, cut your hair, pluck your eyebrows – whatever you need to do to feel at your best, whether that’s losing a couple of extra pounds, or trying out a bold new haircut. A change of style will encourage you to go out and show off, so why not make a day of it: go clothes shopping with a friend and stop for lunch, or organise a pampering session after you’ve hit the gym. Most girls love a bit of muscle on a man, so guys, get your guns out (biceps, we mean) and show us girls that you’re the strong, manly type. But remember that you have to feel happy about how you look, so if your goals are unrealistic then take some time out to refine them to smaller changes that leave you feeling invigorated.

Get out there

There is so much going on during the summer that it would be silly not to get involved. First of all consider all the different festivals that are happening; aside from the big ones that everyone’s heard of like V and Glastonbury there are a lot of smaller ‘boutique’ festivals like Wilderness and Play Fest. There are normally various free festivals happening in the big cities too, so make sure to do your research so you don’t miss out. Check what’s-on guides for unusual ideas where you might meet people outside of your normal ‘type’ and keep an eye on your Facebook invites to add a few extra dates to your diary.

However you choose to spend your summer as a singleton, make fun your priority. Don’t put pressure on yourself to find someone before the season is over because it will distract you from enjoying yourself and could lead to disappointment. Instead use this time to flirt, socialise and date the summertime way.

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