It’s good spending quality time filling your match profile with wowing! facts about yourself, but you need to make sure you back up all your efforts by staying well away from the hastily-selected profile pic. You could be Angelina Jolie’s identical twin, have the eyes of Ryan Gosling or be the most eccentric personality in the world, but if your picture doesn’t show that then how’s the world going to know (as they should!)?

Too many times it seems like people might have just added a mugshot showcasing fictional dark, fuzzy, red eyes, or their body language shouts “get me out of here”. While we may not be Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, there are definitely a few ways to help showcase yourself in your profile pictures. I’ve been taking a look at some strong examples of well-taken pictures and here are a few simple tips to improving your chances for a match.

1. Framing

A general rule of thumb is to leave space round the edges rather than have your face take up the entire space. We want to know that you have a chin. In filming it is recommended that you leave space at the top of the photo, generally about a third.

2. Positivity

Choose a photo where you look your healthiest and happiest. Often just after holiday when you are glowing or just before Christmas, when you’ve spent an extra 45 minutes on your hair.

3. Smile

Try not to freak people out with a serial killer stare.

4. Show your interests

Like juggling? Singing? Gardening? Show it!

5. Stand out

Wear something vibrant.

6. Avoid selfies.

Too many selfies say too little about you!

7. Background.

People want to know about you, does your background say anything e.g. I spent a month in India last year?

8. Show your face!

Wearing sunglasses or face paint may seem fun but we want to know what you look like.

9. Lighting

Try to choose a well-lit picture to avoid it being grainy.

These simple changes could really help you find a great date. Good luck!

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