Poor Demi Moore was said to be heartbroken when pictures emerged of her estranged husband Ashton Kutcher apparently cuddling up with Mila Kunis, and most of us will know how she feels.
It can be terrible to see your ex has moved on quicker than you have, but here are some tips for moving on too.


Stalk the new love
Ignore the overwhelming urge to find out every tiny detail about this person who seems to have replaced you. If you’re in a low mood to begin with, you’ll only end up comparing yourself unfavourably to them.

Be bitter
Tempting as it may be to diss the new couple to your mates, it will only make you dwell on the past. If you can find it in yourself to be pleased that your ex is happy again – after all, they’re someone you once cared a lot about – you’ll feel happier about yourself too.

Go on the rebound
Falling head-long into a new relationship purely to distract yourself from your heartache is never a good idea, especially if you’re just trying to make your ex jealous. If your new romance isn’t right it will spell even more tears for you in the future. It’s not fair on the new squeeze either.

Wallow in self-pity
There are only so many nights you can spend drowning your sorrows in the pub or at home with a tub of ice cream. You’re bound to be upset for a while, but keeping yourself busy will help focus your energies on something else.


Accept it
As much as it hurts, realising your ex is in a new relationship could be a good thing. Like pulling off a plaster fast, it may help you let go of any ideas about getting back together. Once you’ve come to terms with the fact your ex has moved on, it should make it easier for you to move on too.

Spare yourself the details
Don’t let yourself be bombarded with reminders of your ex and their new love. Even if your split was amicable, de-friending them on Facebook could protect you from upsetting pictures. And ask your pals not to fill you in on every cough and spit of your ex’s love life – what you don’t know can’t hurt you.

Get ready to date again
Even if you don’t want to jump into a whole new relationship, there’s no harm in opening yourself up to romance. You could set up an online dating profile so you can browse through lots of potential new flames without having to tie yourself in to anything serious too soon.

Try something new
Whether it’s dyeing your hair, taking up Zumba or going sky-diving, shaking up your normal routine will give you a buzz and get you thinking about something other than your ex. Changing your look or developing a skill that you’re proud of will also help you feel positive about the future.