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How to survive wedding season single

Laura, 12 April 2019
How to survive wedding season single

 1. You don’t have to go!
If you don’t want to spend every weekend of the precious summer dashing from hen/stag do to wedding party make sure you have some fun stuff already scheduled. Nobody is going to force you to give up your two-week beach holiday for their nuptials. And while attendance at the wedding celebrations of close friends and family are mandatory, you can side-step other less obligatory invitations. Politely decline expensive invitations to hot exotic locations on the grounds of cost. Same goes for any invitations that are received within less than a month of the wedding date – chances are you were a last minute addition anyway so there’s no reason to feel guilty. A card and a token gift will suffice instead.

2. Be prudent with your plus one
We hate to admit it, but weddings can stir up all sorts of bitter negative emotions in those of us who are single. That “why-not-me” feeling is hard to quell and after a few drinks you might end up taking solace in the arms of your date which is unlikely to have a fairytale ending – especially if they’re an old flame or someone who’s more smitten with you than you’d bargained for. If you can’t bear the thought of going solo, take along a gay best friend or same sex single guy or gal pal instead. Having someone to share sneaky sideways “gag-me-now” glances with will make the day a tad bit more bearable.

3. Look fabulous!
Psyche yourself up for the day ahead by looking your best and working your smile. It might sound superficial but feeling good about your appearance will improve your self-confidence on the day. Treat yourself to a new outfit, get your hair done and walk into that wedding as though you own the place. Nobody will suspect you of being bitter, bored, or lonely if you’re working the room like a pro in your finest garb.

4. Dance your way through the night
The best way to avoid those pitying glances and awkward conversations about your love life with nosy relatives who you wish would just mind their own business is to hit the dance floor and stay there. The bride and groom will be grateful you’re getting the party started and you won’t have to endure a grilling from Aunty Maureen. Plus you’ll burn off a few of those calories from the wedding feast. Bonus!

5. Go easy on the booze
Tempting as it may be to get hammered to help you through the day, it’s a risky strategy. Don’t be the weeping or angry drunk that has to be escorted off the premises. You’ll regret it in the morning. It’s a celebration, so by all means enjoy a few glasses of fizz, but make sure you drink plenty of water and lap up that wedding breakfast to keep your behaviour from going from tipsy to tacky.

6. Don’t stay until the bitter end
There’s no need to be the last man or woman standing. If you’re not having a good time it’s fine to make your exit any time after the cake has been cut. You’ve done your duty. Now go home and get your beauty sleep.

7. Make post-wedding plans
Keep the morning-after wedding blues at bay by making sure you have some fun plans lined up.  Instead of wallowing and home wondering why you haven’t met “The One”, meet friends for coffee, hit the shops, catch a film or go for a country stroll. Embrace and enjoy your single life. You never know when you might go from being a single to double.

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