My optimism in is funnily enough due to me. I have been on for a while and came across a profile of a very nice guy. I didn’t think he was suitable for me but I had a friend in mind that I thought he would be perfect for and contacted him asking if I could set up him. Yes he must have thought it was mega strange a single girl asking him to go out with her friend. However they did and now 2 years on, they’re still together (living together in fact!), very much in love and I’m insanely smug about the whole thing. However, I am far too strong minded (that’s the nicer word for “bossy”) to let other people sort out my love life especially as I have such strong views about love.

If you could just indulge me when I ask you to throw your head back and in your best falsetto voice sing very VERY loudly “I believe in a thing called love”. I don’t know the rest of the Darkness lyrics but to be honest, that’s the most important line anyway. However, I do believe in the big love. I am a romantic who believes all those clichés like “there’s someone out there for everyone” and “you just know he’s the ‘one’ when you meet them”. My phone is full of screen shots of Instagram posts with other similar motivational quotes. I am absolutely not the only girl that does this by the way.

I have been in love before. It’s a whirl wind and it’s wonderful. Unfortunately while I believe in a thing called love, I also believe there are a number of other factors that makes true love last forever. I fell in love with someone who wasn’t on the same wavelength as me with regards to my ambition and goals in life and to be honest, if you don’t have those things in common, then after that wonderful honeymoon period, you’re not left with much. Despite being madly in love with him, I also had to contend with a surge of emotions knowing that we weren’t compatible and so unfortunately we ended it.

The good thing about is that we have to talk about our interests. I’m not after someone who is just like me (because first of all that’s impossible; I’m utterly unique of course) but for me, I have to feel that we have similar ambitions in life. There are many lovely men on and us girls are very lucky to have so many wonderful men to choose from and so as a process of elimination (we can’t give everyone a chance on here – we all have day jobs!), I choose to contact the ones who I feel could be compatible to me and then when we meet up, it’s a case of seeing whether that elusive “spark” happens. I’ve not yet met someone who is similar in wavelength to me that I also “spark” over but I know it will happen.