I like to think that I have a fairly adventurous spirit. I’ve trekked in Rajasthan carrying my tent on my back, I’ve gone scuba diving in a shipwreck in the Gulf of Thailand, and I’ve been caught up in a blizzard whilst driving a motor sled in Lapland. But then there are also other decidedly less adventurous things about me; I have a pretty corporate job in the City, I love reading exercise blogs, and I can’t drink caffeine after 5pm. So it was this less adventurous side of me that was initially cautious about dating someone who was not my usual type. The kind of guy I usually go for is someone who is suited and booted, typically working in a similar type of job to myself, and able to sympathise with the ‘corporate emergencies’ that fill my life. However, this hasn’t seemed to work out for me so far. In my experience, with a high flying man you also get a short attention span and last minute cancellations as part of the package. So when Pete starting chatting to me on Match, I decided to move out of my comfort zone and give something new a try. I’d probably describe Pete as being slightly ‘alternative’ but not in a hipster way – he has a cool job that involves organising festivals during the summer, doing odd jobs to tide him over during the winter. He rides a motorcycle and claims to be a good bongo player. Pete is unlike anyone I’ve ever dated to be honest, but it turns out that, so far, he was worth the leap of faith. He has a completely different outlook on life to anyone that I know, he’s a great cook, and has even fixed my dishwasher. We’ve only been on a few dates, but I’ve got a good feeling about Pete. And even if it doesn’t work out, it’s been interesting to hear about a different side of life to the one to which I’m normally exposed. Going on a date with someone different scared me and put me out of my comfort zone, but now that I’ve done it once I would definitely recommend stepping away from your usual type and giving it a go.