Is he playing you for a fool?

Don’t let yourself be fooled into love on April 1
If you’re worried he might be stringing you along, try these foolproof ways to take action…

FOOL: He never seems to have time for you, and prioritises seeing his family, friends and going to the gym before a date with you.

FOOLPROOF: Play it cool to make sure he stops taking you for granted. Kate Taylor, relationship expert at, says: “Redress the balance of power by focusing on your own life instead. Don’t tell him you’re upset – far more powerful to pull back for a week or two, do your thing, and let him see you when it suits your diary.”

FOOL: You’ve been going out for a year or two and he still won’t talk about the future.

FOOLPROOF: Don’t wait around for him to start talking about where things are going, bring up the matter yourself, and be brave if the answer isn’t what you want to hear. Kate says: “Listen to what he says – if he stalls on the whole subject, still refusing to discuss things, he doesn’t see a future with you.”

FOOL: You’re constantly lending him money and he never protests when you offer to pay.

FOOLPROOF: Despite his bank balance, things between you should be balanced. Kate says: “Anyone who respects you and wants to be seen as your equal would not use you to subsidise their life, they’d hate themselves. If he’s always “forgotten” his wallet, it’s time for you to remember that you’re looking for a partner, not an investment opportunity.”

FOOL: You can’t get him out the house.

FOOLPROOF: Don’t let him get away with only seeing you in the bedroom – no matter how lusty and appreciative he is. “A man who loves you and wants to make you happy will take you out places, make your life enjoyable, show you off. If you don’t want to be a booty call, it’s easy – stop accepting all dates that aren’t outdoors. Done!” Kate says.

FOOL: You feel like his interviewer and guidance counsellor, whereas he never listens to your problems or asks about your day.

FOOLPROOF: This should get your alarm bells ringing, according to Kate, so don’t let him get away with it! She says: “Selfishness – not caring about you, only what he gets from you – is the number one sign he’s playing you for a fool. So don’t be played! Push him away and focus on finding someone who wants nothing more than to make you smile. You’ll find him, but not while Mr Wrong is blocking his view. Good luck!”