Match is promising members who join before 14 February 2016 a relationship by Valentine’s Day 2017 or your money back. Yep. If you’re not in a relationship in a year’s time, we’ll give you that year for free. So what should you do with your last Valentine’s Day as a single?

It’s your last Valentine’s Day as a single. So we’ve come up with a few options for you to go out with a bang before it all gets a bit routine around 14 February next year! We hope you find some fun below for your last Valentine’s as a single! Enjoy!

Dance! Dance like a star!

Be honest. He’s not likely to want to learn how to dance like Britney is he? So get yourself to a class specifically designed to teach you moves from the likes of Beyonce, MJ or whoever you like! Do you know how AWESOME those moves are going to look when you bust them out later on!? Right then. Get down to Seen On Screen. The tailored dance classes make you look and feel like a super star!

Run! Run like an Olympian!

A proper run takes a proper long time. Think you’ll have as much time to yourself next year? Think again! Runthrough UK have organised a series of ace 5k and 10k running events right around Valentine’s Day. It will be sweaty. It will not be romantic. It will be unforgettable!

Get off piste!

It’s still Winter and it’s never too late to grab a week or a weekend in the alps. Sure you can still go skiing next year. But a chalet with your mates, a ridiculous black run and too much Glühwein? It just aint gonna happen is it?! Head to Chamonix and take on the 22km Vallee Blanche descent. Unless you happen to hook up with a ski instructor, next Winter just isn’t going to have these kind of options!

Yell your support at Six Nations weekend!

Romance is not an option for the titans of international Rugby, who will be mauling, tackling and generally battering each other in the grand theatre of Six Nations weekend 2016. Time to dust off your old rugby shirt and get to a game (or the pub!) with your mates one last time!

Go ghost hunting!

A traditional Valentine’s evening does not involve hunting down evil Poltergeists and communicating with spirits. Besides, you’re not going to want your other half seeing you scream like a 6-year-old are you!? Go ghoulish this Valentine’s with the UK’s most popular ghost hunting company Haunted Happenings. Scooby Doo references are allowed, though not necessarily smiled upon…


We wouldn’t be very friendly neighbours to our Dutch friends if we didn’t remind you not to go too crazy. You know, go ‘amazing-weekend-with-a-bit-too-much’ crazy. That’s fine. Just don’t go ‘spent- the-weekend-being wheeled-between-the-drunk-tank-and-the-hospital crazy. Not that we’re speaking from experience or anything. ANYWAY you can get to Amsterdam for as little as £29 via Eurostar these days. Get out there!

Sing (yell) your heart out!

We often get asked what our favourite Karaoke song is. And we might say something obvious like Dancing Queen or Livin’ On A Prayer. But that’s not our real favourite karaoke song. The real favourite is hidden in the depths of our brains. And it only emerges right at the end of the night when it’s all gone a bit blurry. For most people, it’s Meat Loaf’s Bat Outta Hell. Don’t deny it.

Get funny (or funnier at least!)

“Do something every day that scares you.” Eleanor Roosevelt said that. And we can’t imagine anything more terrifying than standing up in front of a pub full of people and trying to make them laugh. Are you up for the challenge? Then get onto Comedy School and join one of their famous comedy classes, culminating in a live performance!

Get on your bike at the London Bike Show

You’ll be with your new date next year and they may not be ready to see you in lycra! So get down to the London Bike Show on 11-14 February at The Excel Centre in London. It’s UK’s largest Cycling Exhibition with endless kit, the opportunity to test out all kind of bikes on the test track and live demonstrations!

Pamper yourself at the Mondrian

It’s cold. It’s busy. Summer still seems unreasonably far away. You need to relax! And you won’t find a better place to chill than the amazing Spa at the Mondrian Hotel in London. What’s that? You want us to explore a diverse range of fully curated signature treatments? Don’t mind if we do!

Celebrate Chinese New Year!

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only big date in the diary the weekend of 13/14 February. Soho in London will be lighting up with the sights and sounds of Chinese New Year’s parades, performances and fireworks. Beats that stuffy Valentines restaurant option hands down! Get your crew together and get involved!

Go on a PROPER adventure with The Adventurists!

Struggling across India in a tiny three-wheel Rickshaw, which the Adventurists call ‘the 7 horsepower glorified lawnmower’ is definitely the kind of thing you want to do before you get hitched! So go scare yourself half to death while you haven’t got another half worrying about you! The Adventurists offer a variety of high energy adventures around the world, including the particularly mental Mongol Rally, which involves dragging a tiny car from London to Mongolia!