The number one question I get asked by men is “why didn’t she reply to my email?” Let’s go through the three most common reasons:

1. Your profile didn’t attract her.

It could be that you committed one of the online dating sins e.g. you mentioned your ex in your profile, you forgot to spellcheck your profile and it looked a little bit off, or you have a photo of you in there with another woman – women don’t know that that’s your sister! Before you email anyone else, go back and look at your profile. Tidy up any mistakes and get a female friend to check it over for you. If want, and you don’t know who else to ask, tweet me @LoveKateTaylor, and I’ll give you an honest review.

2. Your message was boring.

I’m sorry, it could just be that you decided to be efficient and sent a one-word message like “hi”, thinking if she likes me, she’ll write back and we’ll get into a conversation. It’s not going to cut it. It’s all about the first email. Or the opposite of that; you wrote an amazing email; it was passionate, witty, mentioned all the charity work you do but then you cut and pasted that to 25 different women! She’s going to be able to tell, and she’s not going to write back; don’t do that either.

3. You didn’t actually give her a reason to reply.

You just wrote her a compliment, which is sweet, or something that is so short, she literally does not know what to say back. Make it easy for her to reply to you; ask an open ended question that’s going to be fun for her to ask her. With all of that done, she will write back!


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