Last chance for summer loving

As summer draws to its official end, now’s the time to make the most of that feel-good summer feeling (and suntan!) to look for love. So before resigning yourself to a season of nights alone on the sofa, try some of these options instead…

Game for a gig
Bands and singers are riding high after a summer of music festivals, and many will have tours in the next couple of months. Book tickets for you and a single friend, then vow to strike up conversation with any like-minded souls by the bar or the merch stand.

Make contact
Remember those cool people on your table at that wedding back in June? Or the friend of a friend you met on holiday? Now’s the time to arrange a meet-up. The wider your circle, the more likely you are to meet someone.

Club together
If the latest best-seller had you enthralled during your holiday, why not join a book club to keep you amused during the colder months? Your own life could turn into a real page-turner as a result.

Super supper
Secret supper clubs are all the rage and, with their intimate settings and mixed seating, that gives you ample opportunity to mingle. You might spot someone as tasty as the menu.

Register your interest
Spend one of the last long, sunny evenings with a friend working out a brilliant profile for online dating. If you get signed up now, you could be in love with one of those other eligible singles by Bonfire Night!

Bring on the barbie
It’s not too late to bust out the barbecue so, either hold one at home and ask your guests to bring a couple of single mates each, or take a disposable one down to your local park or riverside and bring some spare marshmallows to offer that gorgeous stranger.

Real class
As the new academic year begins, sign up for a course at your local adult education college. With subjects ranging from mechanics to burlesque, you’re bound to meet people with similar interests, and you’ll learn a new skill to boot.

On the market
Forget about meeting someone in a bar, try getting flirty down at your local food market instead. Everyone seems to want to chat at these events, and you’ll be able to hear everything they say – bonus!

Love songs
Music is the food of love and there’s nothing like singing in unison to make you feel great. Choirs are now getting ready for the Christmas season and cater for every musical taste, from rock to gospel. What’s to stop you meeting someone who sings from the same song sheet?

Office romance
With everyone back from their holidays, now’s the time to get your office back into the social swing. Arrange for a pub quiz, wine tasting session or lunch-time running group and get to know that cute colleague you’ve had your eye on.