London Dating: Best Alternative Restaurants

When it comes to London dating, there’s certainly no shortage of excellent restaurants to choose from.But if you want a little entertainment to complement your meal, consider dating at some of the capital’s most extraordinary restaurants…


Offering amemorable experience to share with your date, Sarastro is fabulously flamboyant while serving impeccable cuisine.
Theatrical in its décor, Sarastro features old Victorian shop frontages and spectacular, brightly coloured opera boxes from which the two of you can dine in more intimate surroundings.
If the exuberant furnishings and vibrant music isn’t enough for the two of you to talk about, then the food will certainly get conversation flowing. The extensive menu showcases a real emphasis on having fun while dining, with delicious sharable dishes such as a selection of mezzes and mouth-watering mains. From Dover sole to the nation’s favourite fish ‘n’ chips, sirloin steaks and a range of pastas and salads, there’s plenty to choose from.

Medieval Banquet

Step off the streets of London and back in time by 1,000 years to Medieval Britain, for a truly unforgettable dating experience.
Just a stone’s throw from the Tower of London, the Medieval Banquet will treat you and your date to a feast with King Henry VIII and his court. Enjoy four courses of medieval-inspired fare, ale, and wine accompanied by minstrels, magicians, troubadours, and more for the epitome of alternative dinner dating!
Delicious dishes in the banquet include roasted chicken and potatoes with honey glazed vegetables and platters of smoked meats; however, the menu varies with the season.

Shaka Zulu

For an indulgent London dating experience to be cherished, come to Shaka Zulu; it won’t disappoint.
World class chefs stoke the fires, creating an array of sumptuous dishes for the two of you to tuck into. The menu showcases traditional African dishes including rooibos smoked salmon, zebra fillet and wildebeest served with roasted banana shallots and celeriac puree.
A visually stunning restaurant, bar and club, Shaka Zulu looks like the set of an Indiana Jones movie, featuring rows of warrior statues and intricately detailed walls with authentic African carvings.

Bel Canto

If the thought of being sung to on a date doesn’t make you squirm with embarrassment then Bel Canto is for you!
This delightfully musical restaurant in Bayswater serves Mediterranean cuisine and the menu features delectable dishes such as the wild mushroom risotto with shaved parmesan, or succulent, prune-stuffed chicken wrapped in pancetta.
Taking London dating to a whole new note, Bel Canto is staffed by opera students who sing as they serve you, so don’t be surprised if the two of you leave the restaurant singing your thank you’s!


If you’re the adventurous types or you’re hankering for something new, Archipelago offers a totally different dinner dating experience!
Archipelago serves global cuisine in the most exotic surrounds. The room exudes a golden glow and is decorated with Buddhas, palm trees and giant peacock feathers.
The “bush tucker trial” style menu will transport you from the streets of London to the Australia’s outback, with delicacies including crocodile, kangaroo and wildebeest – now there’s something to talk about!