I’ll admit it, straight out, I am a terrible dancer. Think Bambi on ice whilst doing a handstand! Going out can be super awkward when friends want to hit the dance floor. They can put up with it as long as I keep my mouth shut, because the only thing worse than my dancing is… my singing!

Everyone thinks they are good at nailing a Whitney track, right? And everyone’s guilty pleasure is switching the radio up as loud as possible when Aerosmith comes on to rock out like no one is watching. Well, they can… and that baby crying is because of your horrendous tone, BUT WHO CARES!

I recently went on a date and purposely arranged a bar that was within singing distance of a karaoke place. But Darren, why the hell would you do that when you can make grown men weep with your voice? Because I like singing and if there is any future with the date, I may as well be upfront about my love for singing regardless of my rubbish voice!

This particular date wasn’t a great success, so the karaoke unfortunately never happened. However, in the past I have had some of the best times behind a mic screaming out Bon Jovi or even attempting to put a ring on it like Beyoncé (bad dancing included)

The point is, by embracing your imperfections, not only can you connect with a potential partner on a new level but you open yourself up to a bloody good time!

My advice, if you are the worst dancer on earth, rock it like MJ. If you like to dress funky, hit the fashion as hard as Kanye and if you are partial to a ballad, come join me at the karaoke! I’ll be the one surrounded by an angry mob trying to make me stop, as I stay focused, sweaty brow, having the time of my life!

Embrace your imperfections!

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