Being funny is likely to win you dates if you live in Cambridge, according to The LoveGeist Report, the most comprehensive study of love and relationships in the UK and Ireland. The survey, by match, found that 88% of daters in Cambridge think it’s vital that their partner shares their sense of humour.

And that sense of humour might come in handy while you’re waiting for those three special words – almost half (49%) of Cambridge respondents admitted they find it hard to say ‘I love you’ for the first time. With such inhibitions, no wonder 8% consider themselves to be ‘unromantic’.

Fortunately, a way with words may help Cambridge daters to express their love in a more creative vein, with 29% choosing writing a poem or having a poem written for them as one of the most romantic gestures they can think of. For some Cambridge lovebirds, though, nothing beats a lavish gift when it comes to love and dating – nearly 6% prefer these to considerate gestures.


Daters in Chelmsford are the most likely in the country to work hard to solve problems in a relationship, with 90% agreeing that they would choose to try and work through issues to keep things going.

But dating is Chelmsford is clearly a homely affair, with the city rating lowest in the country in terms of people who were prepared to relocate to find love. Just 33% of people agreed that they would be willing to change where they lived to find love, a full 13% below the UK dating average.

Family is also important to the daters of Chelmsford, with 17% percent of singles saying that they had found previous partners through family connections. The data, taken from the 2010-2011 LoveGeist Report, also shows that singles in Chelmsford covet their holiday time. When asked to rate their life priorities in order of importance, travel and holidays were least important to the people of Chelmsford than anywhere else.


The largest and most comprehensive study of contemporary love and dating has found that daters in Luton still covet the old ideals of romantic love. 93% of those surveyed in Luton stated that they would like to find a long term relationship in the future, and the report also found that Luton daters rated as the highest in the country when it comes to showing their love.

In fact, 36% of singletons dating in Luton felt that expressing romance publicly was one of the most romantic gestures, with a further 39% feeling that it was easy for them to tell someone they loved them for the first time.

Almost half of the single daters in Luton who responded to the survey (47%) said that they would be willing to change how much time they spend at work in order to find a lasting relationship, showing that the search for love is still front of mind for Luton’s singles.


Statistics from the new 2010 LoveGeist report reveal that 54% of singles in Norwich have had a relationship with someone they have met purely by chance. Just 7% have met a new partner through family connections, 5% less than the national average.

The in-depth study of contemporary love and dating also found that people in Norwich still rate traditional values highly, with 78% saying that it was important for men to be chivalrous when it comes to dating. Daters in Norwich are also the highest in the country when it comes to looking for a partner with similar life experience, with 19% saying that having the same upbringing or background is important to them in choosing a partner.


Single people in Peterborough value intelligence over looks when it comes to finding a new partner according to The LoveGeist report, the definitive annual study which tracks changing attitudes towards love and relationships in the UK and Ireland.

When questioned for the survey, 73% of daters in Peterborough felt that it was important for a potential partner to be intelligent, compared with 59% who were looking for physical attractiveness in a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

It seems too that people in Peterborough are very committed to finding lasting love, with more people in Peterborough prepared to relocate to find love than anywhere else in the country (56%), and 92% of single people wanting to find a long term relationship.